Sustainable textile printing process enabled by ColorJet Pigment Solution.

The new Colorjet Earth Series Textile Printing solutions were launched by Mr. Madhu Sudan Dadu, Chairman of the ColorJet Group, Mr. Seiji Nakashima, Vice President of the Inkjet Components Division, Konica Minolta Inc., and Mr. Shu Watanabe, Group Leader of the Inkjet Components Business Unit, Konica Minolta Inc.

“ColorJet EARTH Series is an innovative sustainable textile printing solution in the Digital textile printing industry,” said Mr. Madhu Sudan Dadu, Chairman, ColorJet Group. “Pre- and post-treatment equipment is not additional with this new method. Eliminating pre- and post-treatment has resulted in significant water and energy savings and given the sustainable direct-to-fabric printing category a competitive edge,” he continued.

“It’s a joy to be a part of this huge event India ITME 2022 and inaugurating the freshly introduced Earth Series by ColorJet Group based on Konica Minolta Print heads,” stated Mr. Seiji Nakashima, Vice President of Inkjet Components Division, Konica Minolta Inc. “We observe that the textile industry is shifting toward sustainable production models to maximize the use of resources like water, power, and microfiber, and we are pleased that ColorJet has been consistently releasing solutions that are future-ready for the textile industry’s sustainable environment. We anticipate a fruitful partnership,” he continued.

The Konica Minolta print heads power the 32, 16 and 8 inkjet machines that make up the Earth series.

Inspired by the accomplishments of pigment solutions, which are effectively running in countries like India, Germany, Brazil, Vietnam, Pakistan, and other top textile clusters.

With its innovative, futuristic Earth series, ColorJet is now prepared to take the lead in the sustainable pigment printing market.

The ColorJet Earth Series will offer textile printing options that are sustainable for the fashion clothes, children’s clothing, home furnishings, and many more market segments.

The live demonstration of this product will be available for visitors from the textile printing industry to view at INDIA ITME starting on December 8 and continuing through December 13 at India Expo Centre & Mart, Hall No. 5, Booth No. H5F3G4.

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