Enhancing Recycling Practices: Call for Abstracts – Advanced Recycling Conference (ARC) 2024 

Uniting industry leaders and stakeholders across all waste value chains. 

Hürth, 13 May 2024: Taking place on 20-21 November 2024 in Cologne, Germany and online, the Advanced Recycling Conference 2024 showcases the latest developments in advanced recycling  technologies, recycling-based renewable chemicals, building- blocks, monomers, and polymers. The  unique concept of presenting novel recycling solutions and related topics at one event guarantees a  comprehensive and exciting conference experience, covering technologies such as extrusion,  dissolution, solvolysis, enzymolysis, pyrolysis, thermal depolymerisation, gasification, and incineration  with Carbon Capture Utilisation (CCU) as well as pre- and post-processing technologies and digital  solutions. With an impressive increase of almost 30 % to nearly 300 participants from 26 countries in  2023, the event has established itself as the leading conference for innovation in recycling. 

The recycling sector faces significant evolutionary pressure due to ambitious targets set by the EU, the  chemical industry, brand commitments, but also customer demands. On one hand, substantial portions  of non-recycled waste streams must be addressed, while on the other, markets display a growing  demand and search for renewable feedstocks for chemicals and materials. Both equally foster  discussions on optimal technology selection for various waste streams and methodologies for evaluating  their environmental footprint. 

As a result, advanced recycling technologies are rapidly evolving, with a continual influx of new entrants  ranging from start-ups to industry giants. New facilities are under construction or expanding, while  established providers are scaling up operations to achieve higher capacities and forge successful  partnerships. 

The conference invites researchers, innovators and enterprises to showcase their latest achievements  by submitting their abstract till 31 July 2024

Further information on the Advanced Recycling Conference is available at https://advanced recycling.eu.  

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