(NPC) is Based at New Delhi is an established Textile consultancy enterprise of 30 years standing for providing Textile projects consultancy, project implementation support and running textile Mill operations. NUOVATEX is a Textile sector services provider, specialized technical and projects consultancy for planning of new greenfield textile projects, especially Geo textiles/geo syntheticsincluding.REGEN FIBER PROJECTS, YARN SPINNING AND FABRIC MILLS, WEAVING UNITS FOR DENIM/ TOWELS/ HOME TEXTILES, TECHNICAL TEXTILES, NONWOVENS & KNITTING UNITS FOR OPENWIDTH /TUBULAR KNIFABRICS, and esp. under the ongoing TUF scheme, and special Textile policy of various States, like Maharashtra,MP,Uttarakhand,others. NPC is empanelled with the Office of Textile Commissioner, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, and with ILFS India Cluster Initiatives.

Entrepreneur who wants set up spun bond technical textile plant, kindly find below steps / requirement for the project. 

  1. Project Concept and introduction:

The proposed  mid-size  project  is  for setting up a MSME size greenfield Technical textile  and  nonwoven fabric unit, based on German technology for production of Disposable nonwovens of type Spun Bond,SMS,SMMS.

The  final products for  sale into  market shall be  disposable Nonwoven fabrics  which are  now increasingly  being used for medical and hygiene uses, and for  disposable linen by  Hospitals, airlines,Railways,and as Filter media.

  1. The Capacity proposed for the different products will be based on 1.8 mtr production line and technology ofeg, Neumag-Oerlikon,GermAny to produce such spun melt nonwoven fabrics at 400-600 Meter/minute speed.The project can have higher cost option with 3.2 meter widelineeg. FromReifenhauser,Germany.

Different products in varying weight [GSM], from 20-100 gsm,will be produced from PP and PSF polymer chips, to deliver an output of approx. 8 to 10 ton/day dependingon the fineness and GSM of the nonwoven fabrics.

  1. The estimate of Plant and machinery cost, will be approx. Euro 3 million for import, and add Rs 3 crores for Indian utility & engineering equipments to support the  production from main Imported plant.

>>Starting Project Cost For Fixed Capital Investment, And Excluding Land And Wc Funds,Is Est. At Approx.,Rs30 Crores.Of This Fixed Cost, 1/3rd Share Will Be Own Investment By Promoters.

  1. Process and Raw Material required:

The project  would  deliver  multiple and popular TECHNICAL TEXTILE  products of the   NON WOVEN Disposable  types,and  which are  used  in multiple industrial  and  consumer  end uses,as below::

  1. Product uses/ applications: mainly  for  use as Disposable soft Fabrics for making linen for use in hospitals/Railways/airlines,and for making end use kits for personal hygiene [like diapers and pads],and as filteration media in automobile and industrial use.

6. Means of project Financing:

The overall capital cost for greenfield project is estimated at Rs30crore,and is planned to  be  funded with bank Term  Loan of 70% ,that is for Rs21crore,alongwith promoters own share of 30% [and Including cost of land and,also including margin for WC to the bank etc.].

  1. Govt. benefits and StateGovt. incentives:

Technical textiles units are `most favored` projects for both Centre  and State govt. concessions.

a) Such unit will be getting `interest rebate` of 5% from Centre govt.under TUF scheme,andspecial15% capital subsidy`under Technical textile category` on FOB value plant & machinery, fromCentre govt.

b) In addition to above, asame level of interest rebate and subsidy is expected to be additionally available from State Govt. as per the new mega Textile/ State Textile Policy,eg of states like Telengana, UP  and Gujarat.

c] The products will also get IGST/SGSTexemptions equal to investment in plant and machinery value over 7-8 years,and

d] Rebate on Power tariff and, exemption of Duty onelectricity.

  1. Project execution period:                                                                                               will be 11-12Months,after bank loan sanction,andsubject to Ordering of all key machinery, incl.Imported Plant for Spun bond and spun melt Plants form Germany and/or China,andsupporting engg. And Utility plant and equipment form India eg, electrical Chiller,Compressor, others etc.

9:Turnkey project planning and Site Implementation consultancy

M/s Nuovatex Projects Co, Newdelhi

Nuovatex is aleading textile project consultancy firm in this new and fast emerging filed of Technical textiles and nonwovens.Weare empanelled with Office of Textile Commissioner/GOI. We are leading project consultants for newGreenfield Technical textile units.  Nuovatexwill provide total and complete consultancy and project support from planning to upto mill start up including initial marketing support ,over total project period of 15 month,after Co. gets Loan sanction from the bank,and hands over the  clear site to start Project Implementation.

To start with, the first project activity andessential step will be preparation of a detailed and bankable Project Report for availing the  bank funding and all Subsidy from the centre and State  govt.The Project Report will be based on actual McyQuotations, Technologysourcing, Market study and plant layout.



Phone: 098 11 25 33 32,

A1/312,Safdarjung Enclave, Newdelhi-110029-India.


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