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Welcome to TECHNICAL TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN, the leading Indian Global Media Platform dedicated to the Technical Textile Industry and its diverse applications.



TECHNICAL TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN’s MISSION is to educate and increase awareness about the technical textile business. This industry offers a variety of applications with its distinct yet practical textiles. Our goal is to bridge the gap by providing knowledge, expertise, marketplaces, event updates, and skill requirements for the application and utilization of technical textiles. As a significant media platform, our ultimate VISION is to bring together all industry participants, from students to professionals, and develop a cohesive network. We encourage learning, collaboration, and information sharing through this relationship in order to drive innovation and advancement in the technical textile industry.



TVC MEDIA AND PROMOTION PVT. LTD., a well-known company in the textile and apparel business, brings you the TECHNICAL TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN. We have been meeting the needs of manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers throughout the textile value chain since 2012, thanks to our industry expertise and experience.



The Technical Textile Industry is a challenging and interesting field due to its diverse applications and wide range of uses. Unlike conventional textiles, technical textiles are specifically designed to meet the demands of various application industries. From healthcare to automotive, from construction to sports, technical textiles find their utility in numerous sectors.



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      • Marketplaces and Updates: Stay updated with the latest marketplaces, events, and skill requirements in the technical textile industry. Discover new avenues for business growth and expansion.

      • Industry Collaboration: Join hands with like-minded individuals and organisations to drive innovation, create sustainable solutions, and shape the future of the technical textile industry.



    We are dedicated to serving as your go-to platform for all things technical textiles. Whether you’re a student, industry expert, or user, we connect, educate, and share information to help you succeed in the technical textile sector. Join us on this fascinating trip now!