A dip in the Medical Textile Industry


South India Textile Research Association (SITRA) is the center for excellence for medical textiles. They have testing/product standard formulations. They organize Training, Seminar and workshops for testing and manufacturing of products.

What are the recent developments at your COE?

When the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced medical kit (PPE kit) during COVID times, the manufacturing at that stage was dull. Now, India is the 2nd largest manufacturer. At our COE, we provide raw materials and we teach the raw materials can help the users in assistance and how it will help in the market assistance. We also provide a 3/4/5 day training program depending on the course. We have 54 projects to complete.

Tell us about the R & D programmes that are going on currently?

We have developed the latest products at our COE. All of which are well developed.

Do you have any collaboration with institutes that teach textile technology? How do the students benefit from it?

We at SITRA provide consultancy. We have NCEL projects in-hand. The students can choose from the options. Students can opt for the internships. Apart from this, we have more than 15 labs for the students for practice.

What is the status of technical textiles in terms of manufacturing in India and how fars is our standing in exports?

The manufacturing in India has made little progress. The government is supportive. Government has given subsidiaries in TamilNadu. Also, choice/preference is given.

Do you have any initiatives for entrepreneurs like skill development and training?

Apart from having our own COE and NCEL projects, we have been arranging awareness programmes, consultancy and visit to the exhibition center.

Tell us about the market for technical textile, what are the trends going on?

It is a big challenge for which research and marketing should be done.

Tell us about your latest developments in antimicrobial finishings and hygiene textiles?

Sub coatings in the shield. Healthcare eg-antimcrobial lasts upto 50 washes.

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