AATCC Industry Partner at Digital Textile Manufacturing Technologies Conference 2024

IMI President Al Keene announces AATCC as an Industry Partner and speaker at the Digital Textile Manufacturing Technologies Conference 2024, scheduled for June 10-11, 2024 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

AATCC connects the global textile community to empower an innovative, informed, and sustainable future. Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, AATCC has provided standards developmenttesting materialseducational resources, and professional networking to the global textile industry for more than a century.

Garry Atkinson, Senior Technical Associate at AATCC, will present “Driving Sustainability through Standards.”

Presentation Abstract: Sustainability and circularity are widely discussed subjects, but without meaningful measurements and comparisons, there’s a risk of falling into the “greenwashing” trap. Testing and standards are crucial in supporting environmental sustainability and profitability goals. Specific developments in fiber fragment shedding, LED conversion, biodegradation, and more offer valuable insights. Looking ahead, future trends and developments in these areas are anticipated.

This conference will inform and educate brand owners on the importance of innovative technologies within the dyeing, finishing and printing sectors that can support them to meet their ESG targets and transform the textile industry’s sustainability.

It will address disruptive digital textile manufacturing technologies which are key incentives and drivers for meeting brand owners’ goals, reducing environmental impacts, enabling more profitable production, and fostering domstic economic growth and development by:

– Reducing cost & yielding short-time ROIs

– Dramatically reducing environmental impacts & energy costs

– Enabling Reshoring & regional on-demand production

– Growing demand for more sustainable production

– Enabling economical shorter runs & less inventory

– Providing attractive textile production expansion opportunities

Join Us to learn the technology options available which enable textile and apparel companies to meet ESG goals, increase profitability, and expand manufacturing facilities.

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