Accotex Launches the NO-79201 Spinning Apron: A Breakthrough in the Textile Industry

Accotex, a leading manufacturer of spinning aprons for ring and compact spinning machines, has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the NO-79201 apron. This breakthrough product is made from advanced compounds designed to provide longer life and better performance, making it a valuable addition to the textile industry.
The NO-79201 apron is made up of two aligned rubber compounds that offer high abrasion and crack resistance. This mechanical robustness enables it to be used effectively on all ring and compact-spinning machines, regardless of the fiber type and yarn count. The exceptional friction properties of the compound also contribute to a smooth and even running throughout the service life of the apron, especially at the start-up of machines.
The new Accotex NO-79201 was tested for 12 months at a customer in the USA alongside the existing NO-78210GX, NO-78210G, and a competitor’s apron. The test revealed that the inner layer friction of the new NO-79201 is nearly unchanged after 12 months, confirming the smooth and even running over the whole service life of the apron. This superior friction behavior has also been reported by other Accotex customers worldwide, processing different fiber types, blends, and yarn counts. Trial customers have also noticed fewer broken bottom aprons than they would normally expect.
The NO-79201 apron is available in a wide range of dimensions as top and bottom aprons for all kinds of applications. It comes in different versions, including the closed apron, skived bottom apron, and skived and pre-glued bottom apron. Customers can also opt for a knurled inner layer version, which provides less contact area to the nose bar, allowing for lower torque and less stress on the bottom roller bearings. This also enables the inside structured apron to run clean on so-called “dirty” fibers and work efficiently in demanding environmental conditions in terms of fiber cleanliness. The knurled apron is available with diameters of 72.5, 76.3, and 79.0 mm.
The new Accotex NO-79201 spinning apron is expected to provide improved performance for ring and compact-spinning machines, resulting in less machine downtime. Its flexible application may also reduce stocking levels and simplify servicing regimes.
“The launch of our new NO-79201 spinning apron is a significant breakthrough in the textile industry,” said a spokesperson for Accotex. “We are confident that this product will provide better performance, longer life, and superior friction behavior, making it an excellent choice for all kinds of applications. We are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our customers’ operations.”
In conclusion, the Accotex NO-79201 spinning apron is a significant improvement in the textile industry, providing better performance, longer life, and superior friction behavior. The product’s versatility in terms of dimensions and versions makes it an excellent choice for all kinds of applications. With this latest innovation, Accotex has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of the textile industry.

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