Advansa to close fibre plant in Germany

Having filed for insolvency last October, Advansa Manufacturing in Hamm, Germany, is to wind down its operations in the coming months and will subseqently be liquidated.

Despite many efforts, and while deeply saddening for all employees and stakeholders, it has not proved possible to continue operating the plant profitably, a spokesman said.

Production will continue in the coming months under the supervision of the administrator in order to consume raw material stocks and to fulfil open and new customer orders to customers.

The winding down of production operations in Hamm will have no direct impact on the current business operations of either Advansa Marketing, which will continue as a supplier for all European and worldwide customers, or Advansa BV in the Netherlands, which owns the relevant IP and trademark rights.

Advansa has prepared for this eventuality and has access to significant fibre production capacities in Indonesia together with its affiliated company Asia Pacific Fibres (APF), as well as several ongoing manufacturing cooperations and technology agreements with OEM producers, in some cases dating back over 20 years to the time of DuPont.

Advansa Marketing GmbH will therefore continue its daily work and fulfil orders in the usual way for now, especially for the fibre fillings and nonwovens businesses. Customers in the paper industry will also be contacted by the company to discuss ongoing supply conditions.




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