Airbag demand on the increase in India

Toyoda Gosei is expanding production capacity at its plant in Neemrana, India, to meet the growing demand for airbags, as safety regulations become stricter in the country.

Driver and passenger side airbags for frontal collisions are increasingly being equipped on vehicles in India and the use of side and curtain airbags to protect vehicle occupants in side collisions is now expected to expand.

The Japanese Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry considers India a key market and has built up an optimum production and development network in the northern, western and southern parts of the country, where its main customers, Suzuki and Toyota, are located.

It will continue to respond flexibly and swiftly to customer procurement needs with a focus on airbags, one of the company’s major products.

The Yen 2.2 billion expansion at the Neemrana plant is expected to be fully operational by September 2024, increasing headcount at the plant to 1,100.



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