Alchemie Unveils Groundbreaking Digital Dyeing Facility in Taiwan

Cambridge innovator, Alchemie Technology, sets a new standard in textile dyeing with the launch of its first production and demonstration facility in Nantou, Taiwan. This facility focuses on polyester woven fabrics and utilises Alchemie’s revolutionary Endeavour process – a low-carbon digital dyeing technology.

Endeavour offers a dramatic shift from traditional, water-intensive dyeing methods.  By transitioning to dry processing, Endeavour achieves a significant reduction in carbon emissions (up to 85%) and wastewater (up to 95%). This breakthrough represents a major step in Alchemie’s mission to eliminate pollution within the textile industry, a major contributor to climate change and water pollution.

The new facility is a key part of Alchemie’s 2024 roadmap, which includes expanding its technology to handle cotton and other fabrics. Endeavour’s end-to-end process ensures seamless, high-quality dyeing from start to finish.

Dr. Alan Hudd, Alchemie’s CEO, emphasises the urgency for change. The fashion industry’s massive carbon footprint (3% of global emissions) demands innovative solutions. Endeavour’s dry dyeing technology, powered by a precise, digitally controlled nozzle, addresses this need with efficiency and accuracy.

Looking ahead, Alchemie aims to partner with leading brands to unlock both business and environmental benefits.  These partnerships will not only improve profitability but also create a more sustainable future for the textile industry.

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