Amazon’s Independent Sellers Propel US Small Business Growth to Unprecedented Heights

In a groundbreaking revelation, independent sellers on Amazon’s US store have emerged as the driving force behind the exponential growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the country. Recent data indicates that these entrepreneurial sellers account for over 60 percent of sales on Amazon, representing a significant boost for SMEs offering diverse products at competitive prices.

Throughout 2022, independent sellers on Amazon achieved astonishing success, collectively selling an astounding 4.1 billion products through the platform. This impressive figure translates to an average of 7,800 sales per minute, underscoring the magnitude of their contributions to the economy. Moreover, these sellers successfully exported more than 260 million products, expanding their reach beyond national borders and establishing a global presence.

What makes this development even more remarkable is the substantial growth experienced by rural sellers. States such as Rhode Island, Illinois, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Wyoming have witnessed a remarkable 40 percent increase in sales year-on-year, demonstrating the power of online marketplaces like Amazon in providing economic opportunities for small businesses, regardless of their geographical location.

The impact of these independent sellers goes beyond revenue generation, as their presence has resulted in the creation of approximately 1.5 million jobs in the United States. These roles involve managing, operating, and supporting these enterprising sellers, highlighting how e-commerce platforms like Amazon act as engines of economic growth and facilitators of employment opportunities.

The recently published US Small Business Empowerment Report by Amazon further emphasizes the positive trajectory for US brand owners, who experienced a substantial sales growth of over 20 percent year-on-year within Amazon’s store. This finding showcases the platform’s effectiveness in helping businesses expand their reach and connect with a broader customer base.

In a bid to amplify the visibility of local businesses, Amazon has introduced the ‘Small Business’ badge initiative. This program aims to encourage customers to support small businesses and artisans based in the United States, with a particular focus on businesses that are Black-owned, women-owned, and military family-owned. By promoting inclusivity and diversity in the marketplace, the badge initiative provides a platform for underrepresented businesses to thrive.

The US Small Business Empowerment Report also highlights apparel as one of the top categories for independent sellers on Amazon. Moreover, states such as California, Florida, New York, Texas, and New Jersey have emerged as the states with the highest number of independent sellers, reflecting their vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems. Notably, Wyoming, Delaware, Florida, Utah, and New Jersey boast the highest concentration of sellers per capita, while states like Alaska, Washington, DC, Mississippi, Maine, and Wyoming are experiencing rapid growth in independent sellers.

The success of independent sellers on Amazon’s platform speaks to the transformative power of e-commerce in fostering small business growth. By providing a global marketplace accessible to entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, Amazon has revolutionized the way small businesses operate, democratizing commerce on an unprecedented scale. As the landscape continues to evolve, it is evident that the collective efforts of these sellers will continue to drive economic progress and empower small businesses across the United States.


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