Archroma wins four top accolades for digital and dye solutions at the Just Style 2023 Excellence Awards

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, has won several major accolades at the Just Style 2023 Excellence Awards:


Business Expansion – Digital Platform award: Color Atlas online library

Innovation – Dyes award:


Diresul® Evolution Black liq


The awards recognize the breadth of Archroma innovation and the company’s contribution to sustainability across the textile sector.

“Archroma’s history is one of constant innovation. We have always believed that collaboration and continuous improvement will drive the textile and apparel industry forward to a more sustainable and prosperous future,” Dhirendra Gautam, Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, Textile Effects Division, Archroma said. “We are honored to be recognized in the Just Style Excellence Awards and committed to continuing to make a difference for our customers and the consumers and communities they serve.”


Digital Platform Award for The Color Atlas by Archroma®

The industry’s largest library of colors for cotton and polyester, The Color Atlas by Archroma® empowers fashion designers and stylists with off-the-shelf color inspiration and the ability to quickly and reliably execute their design intent with products that meet their desired sustainability profile and comply with international eco-standards.

All 5,760 Color Atlas color references are available in Adobe Swatch Exchange file format (.ase) so they can be uploaded to popular design software and implemented in production anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Each color is available as a physical color standard that includes precise digital data and access to expert technical support around the world.


Innovation Awards for Dyeing Breakthroughs

Archroma was also recognized for its innovation in dye technology with three Just Style Excellence Awards.

Archroma’s revolutionary FiberColors® technology was awarded for helping move the industry towards a circular economy. Synthesized with a minimum 50% textile waste based raw material, FiberColors® transforms pre- and post-industrial fashion and textile waste into gorgeous upcycled colors – allowing brands to color their new collections with their pre-loved collections.

Diresul® Evolution Black liq, based on the company’s latest cutting-edge synthesis technology, has significant advantages over traditional sulfur black including large reductions in the amount of water needed in dye synthesis and a unique shade and wash-down effect when compared with existing black denim. It was recognized for the outstanding revolution it brings to black denim.

Novacron® Atlantic EC-NC won its Just Style Excellence Award for addressing mill challenges with the industry’s first blue element to deliver chlorine- and nitrogen oxide (NOx)-fastness alongside lightfastness. Based on a patented dye molecule, it offers a trouble-free way to produce more sustainable cotton casual wear and home textiles that look as good as new for longer.

The Just Style Excellence Awards celebrate the top achievements and innovations in the global textile and apparel sector to encourage companies and people to pursue excellence and drive positive change.

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