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As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration in the fashion industry, the demand for textile circularity is growing significantly as consumers and companies alike seek solutions to recycle fast fashion. In response to this trend, AUTEFA Solutions offers innovative solutions designed to process and reuse various types of fibers, including reclaimed, natural and man-made materials. The compact and economical machine for processing all natural fibers such as coir, sisal, jute, hemp and cotton as well as animal hair/wool and textile waste is the Airlay V12/R Aerodynamic Web Forming Machine. Fed by a hopper feeder, the Airlay V12/R is capable of producing nonwovens in a weight range of 400 – 8000 gsm.

Re-needling of needle boards in needlepunch nonwovens production must be simple, safe and efficient to avoid long downtimes and extend the life of the needle boards. AUTEFA Solutions has developed the Needle Exchanger, to meet these challenges. This machine replaces the physically tiring and risky manual process of inserting, exchanging and removing needles with an automated process that eliminates the risk of operator injury and minimizes the risk of needle board damage. With the Automatic Needle

Exchanger, AUTEFA Solutions offers a unique service machine. The machine is efficient and equipped with a customized software system, so that reproducibility and safety at each needle exchange are of utmost importance.

The cooperation between AUTEFA Solutions and PAMA Paper Machinery offers the best of two worlds – the nonwoven world based on fiber-based web forming, consolidation and drying technology combined with the wetlaid technology commonly used in the paper industry. Wetlaid – Spunlace is the technology of choice to produce sustainable and cost-effective nonwovens from 100% cellulosic raw material such as pulp, viscose or lyocell fibers. AUTEFA Solutions Wetlaid/Spunlace technology produces sustainable and biodegradable products for a world with less plastic, designed to produce a uniform pulp layer for optimal fiber distribution with the lowest fiber consumption.

For customers looking for a key supplier for their nonwoven technology needs, AUTEFA’s state-of-the-art technology includes carded crosslapped needle punch lines, aerodynamic web forming technology, thermobonding lines, and spunlace lines.

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