Autoneum’s Innovative Re-Liner Technology Named Finalist for 2023 Automotive News PACE Awards

In a groundbreaking stride toward sustainability, Autoneum’s cutting-edge Re-Liner technology has emerged as a distinguished finalist for the esteemed 2023 Automotive News PACE Awards. Celebrating its 29th year, this prestigious accolade lauds outstanding innovation, technological advancement, and business excellence within the automotive supplier sector.

At the heart of Autoneum’s ingenious accomplishment lies the transformation of discarded car bumpers into a beacon of eco-responsibility. Re-Liner ingeniously repurposes recovered resin from post-consumer bumpers, converting what was once a non-utilizable byproduct into lightweight, robust wheelhouse outer liners. However, the ecological benefits extend far beyond repurposing waste.

The forward-thinking Re-Liner technology exhibits a resolute commitment to the principles of a circular economy. By relying on a substantial proportion of recycled content, these eco-friendly components necessitate significantly reduced energy inputs during manufacturing compared to their conventional counterparts. This remarkable feat marks a pivotal milestone in the automotive industry’s ongoing pursuit of sustainability.

Dan Moler, the Vice President of Product Development and Engineering at Autoneum North America, attests to the profound significance of Re-Liner’s nomination. “The nomination of our Re-Liner-based wheelhouse outer liners is a testament to Autoneum’s continuous efforts in developing both resource- and energy-efficient products and manufacturing processes,” he affirms. The innovative transformation was enabled by leveraging Autoneum’s existing expertise and capacity in carpet extrusion lines, leading to the creation of an innovative, lightweight, yet structurally robust material.

At its core, Re-Liner hinges upon a foundation of polyolefins extracted from post-consumer bumpers, married seamlessly with a textile top layer sourced from recycled fibers. Dan Moler elaborates on the revolutionary aspect of the technology: “Autoneum has recognized the untapped potential of recovered resin from automotive bumper covers as a resource and is giving this former waste product a second life.” Crucially, Re-Liner’s core resin consists of a resounding 100% automotive post-consumer recycled material, rather than being relegated to a mere filler or additive to virgin materials.

Perhaps most strikingly, the Re-Liner technology promises to usher in a profound reduction in waste stemming from bumper covers. By the close of 2023, it is projected to prevent the generation of nearly one million kilograms of waste, a staggering testament to Autoneum’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

As anticipation mounts, the global automotive community eagerly awaits the announcement of the winners of the 2023 PACE Awards. Set to unfold during an awards ceremony in the coming year, this distinguished event promises to celebrate not only Autoneum’s trailblazing achievement but also the indomitable spirit of innovation propelling the industry towards a brighter, more sustainable future.



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