Berlin Startup Launches Innovative Plant-Based Tampons Made from Seaweed

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability and eco-consciousness, a Berlin-based startup called Vyld is set to revolutionize the period product industry with their latest creation—a 100% biodegradable tampon made from seaweed. Ines Schiller, the visionary founder and CEO of Vyld, has spent years developing this innovative product, which she affectionately refers to as “kelpons.”

Schiller’s journey towards creating seaweed-based tampons began during her time as a certified marine guide in South Africa. Deeply immersed in the wonders of the ocean, she discovered the remarkable versatility and significance of seaweed within the marine ecosystem. Eager to harness its potential, she became determined to find a way to utilize seaweed to give back to the environment while also producing sustainable and healthy consumer products.

Upon her return to Germany, Schiller delved into the field of biotechnology and gained experience in the cultivated meat sector. It was during this time that she noticed seaweed being used in various applications and realized the immense possibilities it offered as a sustainable raw material. Inspired by the safe usage of seaweed in sensitive areas such as medical applications, Schiller saw an opportunity to introduce this natural resource to the period product industry.

Seaweed, known as a nutrient-rich superfood, possesses the ideal properties required for period products. Schiller explains, “It’s healthy and naturally absorbent.” Intrigued by the gap between the seaweed industry and the world of period products, she recognized the importance of bridging this divide and acting as a translator between the two sectors. While other startups have explored seaweed-based products, Vyld stands as the first to specifically focus on incorporating seaweed into period products.

What sets Vyld apart is its commitment to sustainability. Traditional period products generate significant waste and contribute to environmental pollution. However, Vyld’s kelpons are entirely biodegradable, offering a sustainable alternative that reduces the carbon footprint. By utilizing seaweed, a renewable resource that grows in the ocean, Vyld is not only creating an eco-friendly product but also giving back to the marine ecosystem.

As the founder of Vyld, Schiller aims to revolutionize the period product industry by combining her background in neuroscience, philosophy, and film production with her passion for environmental conservation. With the imminent launch of their seaweed-based tampons, Vyld is poised to make a significant impact by providing women with a sustainable choice for their menstrual hygiene needs.

The introduction of kelpons represents a remarkable step forward in the quest for a more environmentally friendly future. By harnessing the natural benefits of seaweed, Vyld is paving the way for other industries to explore the untapped potential of this versatile marine resource. With their visionary approach, Vyld is setting a new standard in period product innovation and inspiring others to consider sustainable alternatives in their respective fields.

As Vyld prepares to bring their revolutionary kelpons to the market, consumers and environmentalists alike eagerly anticipate the positive impact this breakthrough product will have on both women’s health and the planet. Schiller’s pioneering spirit and dedication to sustainability serve as a shining example for the startup community and underline the immense potential that lies within unexpected sources such as seaweed. The future of period products is about to get a whole lot greener thanks to Vyld’s game-changing tampons derived from the ocean’s wild abundance.


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