Berry opens new manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India

At its new manufacturing plant and healthcare centre of excellence in Bangalore, India, Berry, a leader in the design, development, and production of patient-centered healthcare solutions, will start production as early as April 2023. The Greenfield expansion project will boost worldwide access to health items while generating local employment.

By utilising the company’s cutting-edge research and development (R&D) solutions, this new Greenfield expansion project will improve regional and global access to advanced healthcare solutions, give customers the volume they need to support the anticipated growth of the domestic healthcare market in Asia, and stimulate the Indian economy by hiring more than 500 new team members over the course of the next eight years in Bangalore, known as India’s Silicon Valley.

modern Bangalore Access to products for the inhalation, nasal, ophthalmic, dispensing, and self-injection industries will be made easier for patients worldwide thanks to the factory. Additionally, the new Berry Global Healthcare R&D centre of excellence will enable the creation of creative solutions for both old and new applications to enhance the functionality and administration of medications while assisting clients in achieving challenging sustainability objectives. Up to seven new goods and projects, ranging from DPI inhalers to plastic caps and closures, will be released by the R&D centre in 2023. Berry’s Pneumohaler, a portable, breath-activated, multidose inhaler dosage counter for the management of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), will be one of these items. In March 2023, industrial prototypes of many innovative medical packaging items will be ready for sample.

a location that is close toThe Bangalore facility’s capacity to adapt pharmaceutical packaging to US regulatory requirements would enable the local manufacture of healthcare items, on a worldwide scale, for some of the biggest generic pharmaceutical companies. The facility will make use of ISO-class clean rooms and benefit from Berry’s background in producing active drug master files (DMFs) and filling for regulated markets.

Around 90% of the facility’s electricity at Berry’s new Bangalore location will come from solar and wind energy. Additionally, the location has earned the International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate (ISCC) Plus distinction. By guaranteeing that materials fulfil the ISCC’s criteria for recycled, renewable, and recycled-renewable materials, ISCC Plus certified facilities help customers meet their demand for more environmentally friendly packaging. This offerstraceability across the supply chain and confirmation that certified businesses adhere to strict environmental and social criteria.

The new Bangalore location will adhere to the same unwavering standards of safety as Berry’s original Bangalore facility, which has been operational for more than 14 years with no safety problems. This dedication to upholding high safety standards will help Berry reach its ultimate safety objective of having no incidents of any kind at any of its 265+ facilities worldwide and with its close to 46,000 employees.

At the 2023 Pharmapack Paris trade show, several goods created at the Bangalore plant will be available for sample. These goods will comprise Berry’s cutting-edge, patient-focused packaging and dispensing solutions as well as medication delivery systems for pharmaceuticals and medicines that satisfy the rising demand for sustainability and digitalization. These products will includebe Berry’s Activated Rispharm, a recyclable multidose antimicrobial dropper that creates 16X less waste than an unidose dropper and helps prevent eye microbial infections. It comes with a Risdrop nozzle. Activated Rispharm has been awarded a gold rating by CPHI China for functioning.

“Healthcare enterprises have limited access to the local knowledge and global resources required to deliver contemporary healthcare solutions at scale to patient populations in Asia. According to Tom Salmon, chairman and CEO of Berry Global, “Our new facility and global healthcare centre of excellence in Bangalore will support Asia’s growing demand for healthcare products, generate new jobs, and, most importantly, improve the lives of patient populations who have traditionally gone untreated and underdiagnosed.”

“More than ever, it is crucial to increase access to affordable drugs and modern healthcare solutions.” in India, one of the most populated countries in the world. Our new facility and R&D centre will benefit the domestic economy by creating new jobs and the regional economy overall by improving healthcare access and providing locally manufactured products,” Jean-Marc Galvez, president of consumer packaging international, said.


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