Better Cotton Showcases Breakthrough in Tracing Uzbekistan’s Cotton at Global Fashion Summit

Better Cotton, the world’s largest cotton sustainability initiative, is making waves at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen this week, highlighting its groundbreaking efforts in tracing cotton within Uzbekistan’s privatized cotton industry. With Uzbekistan ranking as the sixth largest cotton producer globally, the initiative recognizes the strategic importance of the country in advancing sustainable and transparent supply chains.

Yesterday, the Global Fashion Summit kicked off, setting the stage for Better Cotton to showcase its achievements and ongoing pilot project in Uzbekistan. Better Cotton’s CEO, Alan McClay, will be participating in a panel discussion today, alongside key figures from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and Uztextileprom, the first deputy chairman. The conversation will be facilitated by Zofia Zwieglinska, an international fashion reporter at Glossy.

The panel will delve into the successful pilot project, which centers around the tracing of Better Cotton in the vertically integrated operations of Navbahor Tekstil, a textile company based in the city of Navoi. Spearheaded by UNECE, the project utilizes a digital platform capable of documenting the entire journey of Better Cotton, from licensed farms through the ginning, spinning, weaving, and manufacturing processes.

Uzbekistan’s privatized cotton industry, characterized by vertically integrated business clusters, has provided an ideal environment for traceability initiatives. Better Cotton recognizes the significance of Uzbekistan, both as a major cotton producer and a critical region for its sustainability objectives. Since the launch of its program in Uzbekistan in 2022, Better Cotton has been working to scale up the availability of sustainable cotton, protect the environment, and support local communities.

While the focus remains on Uzbekistan, Better Cotton has ambitious plans for global cotton traceability. Later this year, the initiative intends to launch its own traceability system, aiming to unite supply chain actors through seamless data exchange. This solution will empower retailers and brand members to verify the country of origin of the Better Cotton used in their products, aligning with the industry’s growing demand for enhanced supply chain transparency.

Alan McClay expressed his enthusiasm for participating in the Global Fashion Summit and emphasized the significance of the pilot project. He also highlighted Better Cotton’s commitment to supporting retailers and brands in achieving their goals of traceable materials and transparent supply chains.

The efforts of Better Cotton in tracing cotton within Uzbekistan’s cotton industry mark a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainability and transparency in the global fashion supply chain. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry, initiatives like Better Cotton play a vital role in driving positive change and fostering responsible practices throughout the cotton value chain.






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