BRÜCKNER Launches Next-Generation POWER-FRAME SFP-4 Stenter with Advanced Energy-Efficient Features

BRÜCKNER, the German machinery manufacturer, has announced the release of its latest innovation in textile processing machinery – the POWER-FRAME SFP-4 stenter. The stenter boasts an array of advanced features designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and enhance flexibility for textile finishers.

The most significant aspect of the new stenter is its range of heating systems that have been developed in response to the energy crisis and the industry’s focus on sustainability. The stenter provides maximum flexibility in the choice of energy carrier, including gas, steam, oil, and electricity, as well as burners that can operate using hydrogen, an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. BRÜCKNER has also incorporated solutions for purely electric heating of industrial ovens, using heat pumps, which offer significant advantages in terms of reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing carbon emissions.

The stenter also includes intelligent software solutions for optimizing formulas, providing textile finishers with maximum efficiency and accuracy in their processes. Additionally, the stenter has systems for heat-recovery and exhaust air purification that further reduce the environmental impact of textile production.

The incorporation of innovative application systems for chemicals ensures greater precision and control over the application of finishing chemicals to textiles. This allows for a more consistent and efficient process, reducing waste and improving product quality.

BRÜCKNER’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is evident in the newly designed machine concepts, which enhance the overall functionality and performance of the stenter. The extensive range of new features and technologies incorporated into the POWER-FRAME SFP-4 sets a new standard for the industry, providing a model for other manufacturers to follow in the years ahead.

In a statement, BRÜCKNER emphasized the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency in the textile industry, stating that the new stenter represents a significant step forward in these areas. The release of the POWER-FRAME SFP-4 stenter is expected to revolutionize the industry and provide textile finishers with a highly efficient, sustainable and flexible option for their production needs.


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