Cabot Corporation Pledges to Support Global Transition to Vehicle Electrification

Cabot Corporation, a leading specialty chemicals and performance materials company, has made a significant pledge to support the global transition to vehicle electrification and enable a lower carbon future. The company has announced that it will be ramping up its production of conductive additives for lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs), in response to the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions.

As the only global manufacturer with a complete conductive additives product portfolio for battery applications, including conductive carbons, carbon nanotubes and carbon nanostructures, Cabot Corporation is well-positioned to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding EV market. The company’s conductive additives are an essential component of lithium-ion batteries, providing a pathway for electrons to move within the anode and the cathode, enabling charging and discharging.

“By supporting the global transition to vehicle electrification, Cabot is helping to create a more sustainable future,” said Bart Kalkstein, Senior Vice President and President, Purification Solutions Segment. “We are committed to driving innovation and creating high-quality products that enable the development of more efficient and effective EV batteries.”

Cabot Corporation’s commitment to sustainability has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute, which has named the company one of the world’s most ethical companies for the past four years. The company has set ambitious sustainability goals, including reducing its greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 20% by 2025.

The announcement comes as governments around the world are ramping up their efforts to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions. Electric vehicles are seen as a key component in this effort, as they produce zero emissions while in operation.

With its range of high-quality conductive additives and dedication to sustainability, Cabot Corporation is well-equipped to play a key role in enabling the transition to a lower carbon future. The company’s commitment to the EV battery market and sustainable energy solutions is a positive step forward in the fight against climate change.

As the world seeks to reduce its carbon footprint, Cabot Corporation’s pledge to support the global transition to vehicle electrification is a major development. With its focus on innovation, sustainability and high-quality products, the company is well-positioned to drive the development of more efficient and effective EV batteries, which will be essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


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