Circ and Acegreen Partner to Revolutionize Fashion Industry with Recycled Filament Lyocell

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable fashion, Circ, the Danville-based mixed textile recycling specialist, has joined forces with Acegreen Eco-Material, a subsidiary of Taiwan’s Acelon Chemicals and Fiber Corporation. The strategic partnership aims to manufacture filament lyocell using Circ’s reclaimed cotton, derived from polycotton textile waste. The collaboration will not only cater to the fashion industry’s demand for eco-friendly materials but also foster research and development initiatives.

The partnership solidifies the fruitful relationship between Circ and Acegreen, as exemplified by their recent successful product launch in collaboration with Zara Woman. The long-term commercial vision shared by both companies paved the way for Acegreen to continue producing filament lyocell using Circ’s reclaimed cotton. This formal alliance marks a significant milestone after years of joint R&D efforts, which have now transitioned into large-scale production.

Circ’s groundbreaking technology specializes in separating and recovering mixed polymer streams, particularly polyester and cotton blends that constitute a majority of textile fabrics. This unique capability allows for the efficient extraction of valuable materials from discarded textiles that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators.

Moreover, the partnership addresses the environmental impact of the fashion industry’s reliance on manmade cellulosic fibers (MMCF), such as viscose and lyocell. According to Canada-based non-profit Canopy, the fashion industry annually contributes to the harvesting of 300 million trees for MMCF production. However, by leveraging Circ’s patented process, integrated manufacturing approach, and existing technologies utilizing waste cotton feedstock, Canopy estimates that the entire MMCF market could transition to sustainable alternatives, utilizing just 25% of the world’s wasted and discarded cotton and viscose fabrics.

“Circ is proud to partner with Acegreen, a manufacturing powerhouse renowned for producing the highest quality filament lyocell,” said Circ CEO Peter Majeranowski. “By utilizing our recovered cotton, we have successfully introduced the world’s first 50% recycled filament lyocell in consumer products through collaborations with our brand partners.”

Acegreen CEO Roger Chou echoed Majeranowski’s sentiments, stating, “The future of manmade cellulosic fibers, such as lyocell, lies in reclaimed cotton rather than tree pulp. Circ possesses the leading solution for recovering tens of millions of tons of cotton that currently end up in landfills or incinerators due to their blend with polyester. With our innovative solutions and Acegreen’s extensive history of technological research and development, we are excited to drive transformative change in the market.”

This partnership between Circ and Acegreen not only represents a significant step forward in sustainable textile manufacturing but also serves as an inspiration for the fashion industry as a whole. By combining cutting-edge technology, recycled materials, and a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, they are paving the way for a greener and more responsible future in fashion.

With Circ’s expertise in mixed textile recycling and Acegreen’s manufacturing prowess, the fashion industry can now embrace recycled filament lyocell, reducing its reliance on virgin resources and making substantial progress towards a circular economy. As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, this collaboration sets a new standard for the industry and encourages other players to follow suit in their pursuit of a more eco-conscious fashion landscape.


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