Crealet to Display Latest Innovations in Warp Feeding Technology at ITMA 2023

Swiss-based company Crealet is set to showcase its latest innovations in warp feeding technology at the upcoming ITMA 2023. The company will present sophisticated warp feeding technology and tailored solutions that are aimed at enhancing customers’ end products, with a focus on optimizing warp tension control and improving fabric quality.

Crealet’s core business includes the design and manufacture of electronically controlled warp thread delivery systems for wide and narrow weaving machines, trading in additional products, and the design and manufacture of special machines for a wide variety of industries. The company is a leading Swiss manufacturer of electronic warp systems for wide and narrow weaving.

At ITMA 2023, Crealet will offer more innovations in warp feeders for ribbon machines, including the latest ECR control systems. The main attraction, however, will be the opportunity for visitors to gain valuable first-hand knowledge from Crealet experts in both weaving and knitting applications.

The latest development from Crealet is the warp feed system for machines for weaving ribbons, which is equipped with an ECR system for electronic control of rope braking on trees in ribbon weaving. The ECR-controlled rope brake upgrade maintains warp tension from full to empty beam, improving the quality of the fabric and reducing labor costs.

In addition to the new warp feed system, visitors can look forward to new and inspiring features for optimizing warp tension control for small beams. Crealet’s core competencies are specific warp tension control solutions for narrow and wide looms. New features for warp tension control enable fast and precise positioning and synchronized movements that maintain the highest dynamics in an intelligent network of systems.

Crealet technology combines multiple warp beams into an innovative solution that increases productivity by reducing the frequency of warp breaks and downtime. The system consists of a number of individual warp frames located behind the loom, each capable of accommodating large warp threads. The intelligent Crealet control system keeps warp tension fast and accurate across all warp beams.

Crealet’s new business model consists of supplying the market with spare parts for tire cord assemblies and developing and manufacturing customer-specific warp systems in the warp area. “Creativity, flexibility, and experience are our strengths and have made us a successful partner,” said Walter Wirz, former CEO of Willy Grob AG and Co-founder and CEO of Crealet AG.

“We had a highly successful ITMA 2019 with very positive feedback on the presented Crealet novelties,” Wirz added. “It’s our goal to enable customers to realize their creative ideas now and in the future.”

Yarn tension is a significant story in warp feeding, and getting it right makes a massive difference to how the warp performs. In recognition of this, Crealet has devised effective solutions that quickly and precisely synchronize the tension of different warp beams and connect to an integrated network.

With its latest innovations in warp feeding technology, Crealet aims to enable customers to achieve their creative goals by providing cutting-edge solutions that optimize warp tension control and improve fabric quality. Visitors to ITMA 2023 can look forward to gaining valuable insights from Crealet experts and experiencing the company’s latest technological advancements firsthand.


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