Datamars Launches Storm Platform to Revolutionize RFID Management in Textile Industry

In a move set to redefine the landscape of RFID technology within the textile sector, Datamars has unveiled its groundbreaking Storm platform. Julian Buros, the visionary product and services director for the Textile ID Division at Datamars, heralded Storm as the next evolutionary leap in optimizing RFID performance and integration ease.

With its acclaimed predecessor, Cloudburst, having already established its pivotal role, Storm represents Datamars’ commitment to delivering an even more robust and user-friendly RFID solution. The platform’s ingenious operation revolves around consistent monitoring of RFID equipment, allowing users to promptly identify issues and stave off potential disruptions and data loss.

Storm’s intuitive device provisioning process empowers users to securely add RFID devices to their accounts and allocate them to specific locations. Navigating through the inventory is a breeze, with dynamic grouping and customizable searches making inventory management a seamless experience. Alarms and connection statuses provide instant visibility, enabling swift identification of RFID readers needing attention.

The true power of Storm emerges in its capability to remotely configure every facet of RFID readers. Simultaneous configuration across multiple readers streamlines processes, while pre-set configurations expedite the setup for various devices. Storm offers direct control over connected RFID readers and devices, enabling remote firmware updates, software installations, and troubleshooting, all scheduled at the convenience of the company, thereby eliminating the hassle of onsite maintenance.

However, where Storm truly shines is its seamless integration of customer support. A unique feature allows users to request temporary access for Datamars’ service and support team to resolve issues efficiently. This approach underscores Datamars’ dedication to providing holistic solutions, ensuring a smooth transition from tag installation to comprehensive stock tracking.

Drawing on over three decades of RFID expertise, Datamars’ Storm platform exemplifies their commitment to innovation and excellence in the textile industry. With patents, trademarks, and a reputation for pioneering textile identification solutions, Datamars continues to revolutionize an entire sector through technology-driven advancements.


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