Debrand and Eastman Unveil Circular Lanyard Project at Sustainable Fashion Forum

Debrand, a provider of next-life logistics solutions, made a landmark revelation at the Sustainable Fashion Forum in Austin, Texas, disclosing a cooperation with global textile recycler Eastman for the North American launch of their circular lanyard initiative. This creative initiative intends to expose the circular textile process to the larger clothing industry by including deliberate design features into conference lanyards that can be reused and recycled at the end of their lives.

Lina Londono, Debrand’s VP of Sustainability & Solutions, emphasized the necessity of prioritising reuse to reduce environmental impact and foster a culture of thoughtful consumerism and creativity. Debrand will provide evergreen lanyards based on circular principles for future events, while Eastman will recycle broken lanyards utilizing innovative recycling technology.

Brittany Sierra, Founder and CEO of the Sustainable Fashion Forum, expressed her delight for Debrand’s project, emphasizing its importance in pushing transformative change in the industry. The partnership between Debrand and Eastman exemplifies the power of collective action in promoting sustainability and generating substantial change in event planning and execution.

This collaboration between Debrand and Eastman not only displays creative circular product solutions, but also highlights the fashion industry’s shift toward sustainability. End-of-life textiles may be converted into new, high-quality products using Eastman’s carbon renewal technology, helping to create a more sustainable future while also lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Claudia de Witte, Eastman Textiles Sustainability Leader, emphasised the importance of collaboration in driving circularity and sustainability across the supply chain. The partnership between Debrand and Eastman sets a new standard for industry collaboration and innovation towards a more sustainable future.

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