DiloGroup’s In-house Exhibition on the occasion of Techtextil

Techtextil in Frankfurt is traditionally one of the most important show events worldwide for  DiloGroup as a specialist for complete nonwoven manufacturing lines with a long-term spe ciality as provider of state-of-the-art needling lines. Also this year, Dilo and group members  TEMAFA and Spinnbau were situated in hall 12, booth B81, their traditional location, adjacent  to needle specialist Groz-Beckert as well as partners and competitors.  

More than 80 interested visitors did choose to accept Dilo’s invitation to get on the shuttle bus  and take the audio-guided tour through the company’s R&D and demonstration centres which  had been specifically prepared by the deputy CEOs Rebekka and Riccarda Dilo and their  strong team from the sales, R&D and technology departments.  

The complete lines and individual machinery were on display in a space of approximately  3.100 m2 to include the MicroPunch S research and demonstration line for needling light weights in a range of 35 up to 160 g/m2including the MultiCard MCRR CC with FRS-P feeder  which was returned from ITMA and reinstalled for the product development of hygiene,  cosmetic, medical and technical lightweight nonwovens. This line was accompanied by a  Hypertex line for the production of lightweight sandwiches of reinforced nonwoven layers to  increase strength and stiffness in MD and CD directions for use as needled filtration and roofing  material as well as shoe and garment applications.

The MicroPunch S intensive needling line can thus be combined with the Hypertex process to  include all areas of applications for lightweights needled from fine fibre. Three buses had carried the seven groups of visitors to take part in machine demonstrations  which processed the special fibre material until wind-up in the end-of-line section. 

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