Dynamic Shifts in India’s Textile Markets: Viscose Yarn Soars as PC Yarn Sees Decline

In a whirlwind of developments, India’s textile markets have been witness to a series of fascinating twists and turns, leaving industry insiders and experts alike on the edge of their seats. Recent shifts in pricing and demand have set the stage for a dramatic showdown between different yarn types, while the relentless pace of change continues to keep players in the sector on their toes.

Viscose Yarn Emerges as a Shining Star

Bucking the trend of uncertainty, viscose yarn has emerged as the star player in India’s textile landscape. The market has witnessed a surge in the demand for this versatile and luxurious material, fueled in large part by a tight supply. The city of Mumbai, known for its bustling textile trade, has notably seen a marked improvement in viscose yarn prices, signaling a growing appetite for this premium fiber.

Polyester-Cotton (PC) Yarn Faces a Challenging Downward Spiral

In a stark contrast, the PC yarn segment has faced a challenging period marked by a decline in prices. Weakening demand has cast a shadow over this once-dominant yarn type, with the city of Ludhiana, a textile hub in Northern India, bearing witness to a noticeable downward trend. While the industry grapples with these obstacles, experts are closely monitoring the developments to decipher the future trajectory of PC yarn.

Surat’s Steady Sail with Poly Spun Yarn Prices

Amidst the tumultuous fluctuations in the textile sector, the city of Surat has managed to maintain a sense of stability in the realm of poly spun yarn prices. This steady course has allowed traders and manufacturers in Surat to navigate the turbulent waters of market dynamics, showcasing resilience and adaptability in the face of uncertainty.

Reliance Industry Limited’s Bold Move

Adding a touch of intrigue to the narrative, Reliance Industry Limited, a heavyweight in the textile raw material space, has made waves by announcing price hikes for select polyester raw materials. This strategic move has sent ripples throughout the industry, prompting speculation about the ripple effects it might have on downstream segments.


As the curtain rises on the latest chapter in India’s textile saga, the stage is set for an electrifying showdown between different yarn types. With viscose yarn soaring to new heights on the back of supply constraints, PC yarn grappling with demand challenges, and Reliance Industry Limited’s pricing maneuvers adding a layer of complexity, the only certainty is that the textile sector’s narrative remains as dynamic and unpredictable as ever. Industry players and observers alike eagerly await the unfolding of the next scenes in this captivating story of India’s textile markets.


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