Eco Friendly Clothing

People are becoming more conscious about the products they arebuying and how these products are made. That’s why manufacturers are creatingstyles crafted from sustainable resources. From sportshirts to fleece to accessories, eco friendlyproducts are a welcome alternative that are designed to work in harmony withnature. When you purchase a product that is organic, recycled or produced in anenvironmentally friendly manner then you havevoted with your dollars and helped create a demand for alternative products. Eco Friendly products is a fledgling part of the apparel industry it will take time to make it to themainstream in a more profound way, but as time goes on more products will beavailable for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Eco Friendly Clothing is all the rage these daysand with the goings on in the world, economy and our daily lives eco friendly apparel makes sense. Organic clothing andrecycled clothing are nice ways to treat out earth in a friendly manner and atthe same time be fashionable and hip with your friends. The styles availablerange from plain white t-shirts, polo shirts andhats made of bamboo, and apparel created with recycled plastic bottles. As withanything there are downsides to eco friendly clothingsuch as it a little more expensive for consumer, but when compared to theupside the argument for more organic clothing is strong. I am quite sure asthis catches on the prices will come down.

Eco Friendly Apparel is designed for healthy,active lifestyles and people who care about the environment and society enoughto be conscious of the impact their clothes have on the rest of the world. Eachof us leaves a footprint behind while we live our lives on planet earth and itis truly thoughtful to try to leave it as you found it. We as a species have a long way to go concerning the health of the earth.Just think that every little act does count and it does add up over time. Wecan reverse the downtrend in the degradation of humanities greatest possession-planetearth.

Made from natural and fair trade materials like soy, organiccotton, bamboo, and leather alternatives, clothing and accessories are ecoconscious, socially responsible and stylish at the same time. Be kind to ourplanet buy eco friendly clothing.

Types of clothing

Bamboo fabric is created from the bamboo pulp. It does notneed chlorine to bleach it and it can be dyed easily with minimal waterrequirements. Fabrics that do not dye easily are often treated with harshchemicals and much more water, so an organic fabric that dyes easy is generallybetter for the environment.

Organic cotton is much more environmentallyfriendly than the traditional variety as it uses no pesticides,herbicides, or insecticides during the growing cycle. There are many growers ofthis crop, and the number is steadily increasing.

Recycled Fleece has many benefits for the environment andeconomy. Benefits include lessening of our dependence on oil (foreign oil),reduces discarded clothing, and is generally thought to create less air, waterand soil contamination. When a polyester garment reaches a landfill where theyincinerate some of the garbage, polyester will create toxic emissions that willpollute the air-recycling of these garments reduce that toxic emission. Majorsources for recycled polyester are discarded plastic bottles.

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Jason Duke has been involved withthe apparel industry for a little over 2 years.Organic clothing is a new and exciting part of the apparelindustry and is being promoted because our planet is needful of friendlymanufacturing processes and less waste.

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