emtec Electronic Unveils Enhanced TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer Redefining Haptic Testing

emtec Electronic GmbH, renowned for its innovative testing equipment, has launched the highly anticipated redesigned TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer. This portable device promises to revolutionize the textile industry by providing an objective measurement of haptics, transforming the subjective sense of touch into a digital experience.

During its grand unveiling at the prestigious ITMA 2023 event in Milan, Ulli Kasten, a representative of emtec Electronic, showcased the cutting-edge capabilities of the TSA alongside Neetish Mohanty, Smarita Bharimal, and Rohit Karki from Arvind, highlighting the device’s potential to optimize textile production.

Emtec Electronic, a leading German manufacturer specializing in testing equipment for the paper, textiles, and nonwoven industries, has developed the latest TSA device to provide rapid and reliable haptic and optical analysis of various materials. By leveraging a new digital database, the device offers virtual access to the haptic and optical properties of textile samples, allowing for easy reproducibility and improved production processes.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the new TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer empowers manufacturers to objectively measure subjective traits that determine how a material feels to the touch. It facilitates the calculation of specific hand-feel values and enables reliable sample comparisons. Moreover, the redesigned device introduces enhanced measurement capabilities and digitization, propelling haptic testing to unprecedented heights.

In addition to evaluating softness, smoothness, flexibility, and deformation/recovery behavior of base and finished products, the new TSA incorporates the following features:

Advanced Measurement Capabilities: The device offers enhanced precision in assessing intricate haptic properties, enabling manufacturers to obtain a comprehensive understanding of material characteristics.

Digital Accessibility: A user-friendly interface and a digital database allow textile professionals to access haptic and optical information of various materials remotely, facilitating seamless collaboration and streamlined production processes.

Improved Reproducibility: By digitizing the haptic and optical properties of textile samples, the TSA ensures consistent results, enabling manufacturers to replicate desired sensations accurately and maintain high product quality.

Emtec Electronic’s TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer represents a significant step forward for the textile industry. Its advanced capabilities and digitized approach to haptic testing will empower manufacturers to optimize their production processes, enhance product quality, and cater to consumer preferences more effectively. With the objective measurement of subjective touch now within reach, the boundaries of textile innovation are poised to be pushed further than ever before.










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