Energy Storage: Pumped Storage to Take High Ground in Near Term 


• Given the new renewable purchase obligation (RPO) and energy storage obligations (ESO) norms, there is an  increased impetus on capacity augmentation of energy storage systems (ESS). Assuming 4 hours of storage  per GW, India requires ~12 GW storage capacity in FY24, which is likely to increase further to ~70 GW by  FY30. 

• The industry would necessitate ~Rs. 14 lakh crore incremental debt financing for the installed Renewable  Energy (RE) capacity to reach 425 GW, pumped storage projects (PSP) capacity of 19 GW and battery-enabled storage solutions (BESS capacity) of 42 GW by 2030 

• Levelized cost of storage from PSP remains competitive at Rs. 4.81 per unit as against Rs. 11.64 per unit from  BESS 

• Assuming round-the-clock supply of RE, the landed cost from PSP is ~Rs. 4.74 per unit as against Rs. 6.59 per  unit from BESS. Significant technological advancements, cost economies and financing stimulus are needed to  uplift BESS.

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