EyETM System Revolutionizes Real-Time Yarn Monitoring in Textile Industry

In a groundbreaking development for the textile industry, Swedish company Eltex has introduced the EyETM system, a cutting-edge technology that enables real-time monitoring of hundreds of yarns on a warping creel. With its ability to ensure seamless production and eliminate loose ends, this innovative system is set to transform the weaving process.

Traditionally, monitoring yarns during weaving has been limited to just a few weft insertion yarns. However, the EyETM system takes monitoring to a whole new level by focusing on the six-to-eight weft yarns fed by the weft insertion system. It achieves this by continuously tracking and updating yarn tension values from all yarns, offering unparalleled precision and control.

Peter Wiberg, the marketing head at Eltex, emphasizes the system’s superiority by stating, “Several hundred yarns can be fed from the creels during the warping process compared to only a few weft insertion yarns during weaving. Our motto is ‘No Loose Ends,’ and that’s exactly what we can guarantee with our system.

One of the most impressive aspects of the EyETM system is its ability to maintain efficiency even at high speeds. With warping processes capable of operating at speeds of up to 500 meters per minute, the EyETM system ensures that all yarn tension values are continuously monitored and displayed on a screen. The screen features pre-set warning levels indicated in red, alerting operators to any tension deviations. In the event of tension exceeding the pre-set stop level, the machine is immediately halted, with clear indications on both the sensor’s LEDs and the screen.

The introduction of the EyETM system has been met with great anticipation by industry insiders. The Textile Machinery Association of Sweden (TMAS) recognizes the importance of weaving as the bedrock of the textile industry and believes that continuous improvements in the process are key to its evolution.

TMAS spokesperson, Premler-Andersson, remarks, “Weaving remains the bedrock of the textile industry, and the potential for continuously improving the process remains virtually limitless. This is a key area for specific TMAS members, as will be demonstrated in Milan. We look forward to meeting you there.”

With its advanced real-time monitoring capabilities, the EyETM system offers enhanced productivity, quality control, and reliability in textile production. As the textile industry continues to evolve, technologies like EyETM pave the way for greater efficiency, reduced waste, and improved customer satisfaction.

The EyETM system is poised to make its debut at an upcoming textile industry exhibition in Milan, where textile professionals and enthusiasts eagerly await its showcase.


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