Fashioning Furry Friends- FMI Explores the Evolving Pet Apparel Market with Insights and Information

Pet Apparel Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

As per newly released data by Future Market Insights (FMI), the pet apparel market is estimated at US$ 5,115.5 million in 2023 and is projected to reach US$ 8,738 million by 2033, at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2023 to 2033.


2018 to 2022 Global Pet Apparel Market Outlook Compared to 2023 to 2033 Forecast

A global study on pet apparel explains that pet gear consists of clothing that protects canines from the cold and rain while also offering additional warmth. Jackets, sweaters & knitwear, hoodies, jackets, shirts, head & neckwear, raincoats, and swimsuits are all pet apparel. All of these garments have a distinct function. Sweaters, for example, provide additional warmth to pets that are bald or suffer from cold. Pet apparel is used for both functional and aesthetic reasons, increasing the sales of pet apparel.

Most pet owners prefer their pets to be dressed in fancy attire. The wearing of fancy collars and shirts by dogs raises the social status of their pet owners. Nowadays, affiliated companies sell a variety of fancy clothing for dogs and cats, including shirts, sweatshirts, and other items, making it simple for individuals to dress up their pets. The business is projected to increase gradually in sales over the projection period, thanks to an increase in pets and the growing exposure of their clothes and accessories.


Sustainable Clothing Products to Favor Market Growth

A research report on the pet apparel market explains that the growing tendency among pet owners to purchase garments made of recycled or plant-based fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and others is anticipated to fuel demand for sustainable items. Pet owners browse for the most recent fashionable costumes, matching design patterns, and colors for themselves and their dogs. As a result, the increased popularity of such costumes is predicted to boost the worldwide pet apparel industry’s growth, pushing the demand for pet apparel.

When wearing attractive outfits, certain dogs, such as Labradors and golden retrievers, feel uneasy while playing or doing other activities. As a result, the rising demand for comfortable, versatile clothing is likely to open up new market growth potential. Furthermore, the increased popularity of holiday celebrations is expected to boost demand for cat and dog festival costumes such as hands, Santa outfits, and other items, expanding the pet apparel market size.


What is Driving Demand for Pet Apparel?

Pet apparel market demand analysis explains that the increased adoption of pets, particularly among the millennial and generation-z population, is driving the global market for pet apparel. In recent years, the industry has seen an increase in adopting pets, such as dogs and cats.

As a result, the market’s expansion is aided by increased demand for pet apparel. Furthermore, as disposable incomes rise and spending power rises, demand for opulent pet products for various occasions, such as raincoats, tuxedos, T-shirts, sweaters, and shoes, is boosting the pet apparel market.


Country-wise Insights


Increasing Focus on Promotional Pet Clothing to Aid Growth in the United States

Promotional Pet Clothing Campaigns Expected to Boost the Sales in the Country

The United States is considered a lucrative market for pet apparel and is expected to record a CAGR of 4.0%. The associated company’s recent introduction of pet apparel marketing is expected to attract individuals to purchase pet apparel goods. In the future years, this is projected to promote market growth.

For example, in 2018, Monse, a United States-based garment maker, collaborated with the Walt Disney Company to produce the Pre-Fall 2019 campaign, which features a photo shoot of well-dressed rescued dogs to entice guardians to purchase similar apparel for their rescued dogs.


Pet Apparel Business May Expand across India

Rising Pet Ownerships in the country Expected to boost the Business Expansion

The pet apparel market in India is expected to register a CAGR of 5.0%. India’s pet population is between 28 and 29 million, with dogs accounting for most pet owners. On the other hand, cats have seen an increase in adoption and ownership in recent years, owing to their perceived independence and cheap maintenance. Meanwhile, India’s pet apparel industry is predicted to grow as the country’s pet ownership grows.


Category-wise Insights

Shirts & Tops Expected to Drive Market Sales

According to the analysis, the shirts and tops sector is likely to hold a significant proportion of the market in terms of product type, owing to an increased preference for vital apparel to calm pets from nervousness caused by cold and fireworks. In addition, the growing desire among owners to buy shirts and tops in similar colors and patterns for themselves and their animals is likely to boost market sales.


Dogs are Expected to Hold a Signficant Market Share of Pet Apparel

During the projected period, the dog segment is expected to dominate the market in terms of pet type. This is due to increased spending on dog supplies and necessities like toys, clothes, and other items. The companies’ recent rollout of highly attractive dog gear is likely to boost product demand.

In 2020, for example, Dsquared, an Italian apparel company, collaborated with Poldo Dog Couture, an apparel retailer, to launch a whole collection of trendy dog clothes in Italy.


Online Retailing Expected to Increase the Sales of Pet Apparel

In terms of sales channels, online retailing dominated in 2022, with a CAGR of 6.0% projected. This is because pet owners prefer the online mode because of the variety of alternatives offered by gamers. Pet specialty stores are expected to have a large market share during the projection period.


Competitive Landscape

Leading players operating globally are focusing on expansion, partnership, development, and new product launches to expand their business globally.


For instance:

· In 2021, Major Dog Clothing launched its first Australian-made and designed collection of canine apparel to support local jobs and transparent manufacturing.

· On June 21, 2022, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Kanine Pets World Limited, a branch of Kanine Group, agreed to a three-year license agreement for dog apparel and accessories throughout greater Asia. Kanine may create, produce, and promote dog products, including apparel, accessories, and toys featuring ‘The DC League of Super-Pets,’ Looney Tunes, and Tom and Jerry characters.


Pets and their Fashion:

Shopping for new duds always gains momentum during winter – but these days, clothes shopping is not just for people. Pet clothes and pet fashion have evolved lately, and there’s no shortage of sassy sweaters and cunning coats. The higher pet adoption from dogs to cats and all the other kids. With the surge in pet-based community fests, pet apparel companies have started coming up with new creative designs that fuel pet apparel sales. From Welsh knit sweaters to patterned microfiber jackets, the pet brands have made something for every pet. Let’s look at some examples of ongoing pet apparel:


The Birthday Suit:

Various pet owners celebrate their pet’s birthdays. Companies form new pet apparel for these birthday duds, including their special name and picture printed on it. This increases the traction for the pet apparel market. If you’re unsure whether your pet could benefit from bundling up in some winter weather pet gear, consider these questions.


These insights are based on a report on Pet Apparel Market by Future Market Insights.

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