FET’s Dream Team Ignites Fibre Extrusion Revolution

Fiber Extrusion Technology (FET), a trailblazer in cutting-edge fiber manufacturing, has recently welcomed Jonny Hunter as its newest Research and Development Manager, further bolstering their technical dream team. FET’s relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities in fiber extrusion has reached new heights with this remarkable addition.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Leeds, Jonny Hunter brings a wealth of academic prowess and credentials to an already formidable department. Hunter’s solid educational foundation serves as the bedrock for his impressive career, which is further amplified by over a decade of experience in research and development within the illustrious world of industry. Notably, his outstanding contributions in the field of wound care and medical devices have solidified his position as a leading figure in the critical market of paramount importance for FET’s state-of-the-art meltspinning equipment.

In a strategic move to capitalize on Hunter’s arrival, Mark Smith, FET’s current R&D Manager, will embark on a brief sabbatical before gracefully transitioning into the role of FET’s Director of Technology. Smith’s invaluable experience and visionary outlook make him the perfect fit for this elevated position, where he will steer the company towards new horizons of technological advancement.

But the expansion doesn’t stop there. FET has also handpicked Mike Urey as its new Sales Engineer, further reinforcing the company’s sales force. Urey’s profound industrial experience, acquired over an illustrious career, positions him perfectly to take FET’s client relations to unprecedented heights. His intricate knowledge of the industry’s inner workings will undoubtedly be a tremendous asset to the company’s growth.

To ensure continued success and propel the company’s growth even further, FET has made the strategic decision to recruit three adept Mechanical and Electronic Engineers. These ingenious minds, armed with their cutting-edge expertise, will infuse FET’s operations with a fresh burst of innovative thinking. Additionally, a talented new Designer joins the team, poised to elevate FET’s visual identity to new realms of aesthetic brilliance.

With this power-packed ensemble of technical maestros, FET now stands poised on the precipice of unparalleled growth and innovation. The convergence of expertise, experience, and visionary leadership ensures that the company remains at the forefront of the fiber extrusion revolution. As FET moves ever forward, they continue to spearhead groundbreaking advancements, weaving together the fabric of a future where possibilities are boundless, and the world of fibers is forever transformed.

The world eagerly awaits the remarkable innovations that will emerge from FET’s dream team, as they reshape industries, revolutionize fiber manufacturing, and inspire countless possibilities for a brighter future.


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