Fiberglass Wool Insulation for PEB

Now days many textile players prefer Pre Engineered Building (PEB) Systems a complete package of low rise steel buildings manufactured and delivered to the site by a single supplier. The package comprises of rigid structural steel, cladding system and building accessories. Though the concept is simple, PEB sare extremely diversified in their usage and uniqueness in each design. The PEB concept has gained widespread popularity in the last few years as a result of the speed and simplicity with which such buildings can be erected. In addition, many traditionally designed industrial buildings are also now opting for metal roofing. A critical and necessary ingredient in the PEB System is the thermal and acoustic insulation. This is necessary to minimize the heat gain (or energy loss, for an air conditioned building) as well as to provide acoustic insulation from heavy rain and other outside noises. In a typical PEB structure, the roof accounts for approx. 40 to 50% of total heat gain, while walls account for approx. 15 to 20% of heat gain.

Almost100% of PEBs world-wide are insulated for the following reasons, which are addressed in further detail below:
  • Minimize heat gain.
  • Maximize thermal comfort.
  • Minimize energy loss, cooling load and operating cost for Air conditioned building.
  • Provide acoustic insulation.
  • Prevent unwanted moisture condensation.

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