Fruit of the Loom Launches Sustainable Men’s Underwear Collection in Collaboration with Lenzing

Fruit of the Loom, a renowned American clothing brand, has teamed up with Lenzing, a leader in sustainable fiber production, to unveil their latest innovation in men’s underwear: the Fruitful Threads collection. This new line of undergarments is crafted from 96% Ecovero viscose fibers, showcasing Fruit of the Loom’s commitment to sustainability and Lenzing’s dedication to eco-friendly solutions.

Ecovero fibers, derived from certified renewable wood resources, are produced using a sustainable process that significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and water impact. With a remarkably smaller environmental footprint compared to generic viscose, these fibers have earned the prestigious EU Ecolabel certification.

What sets Ecovero fibers apart is their biodegradability, making them compatible with soil, freshwater, and marine environments. In addition, they can be composted both in home applications and industrial facilities. Fruit of the Loom’s partnership with Lenzing ensures that their new men’s underwear collection not only offers exceptional comfort and style but also actively contributes to a healthier planet.

Angela Dennison, Vice President of Fruit of the Loom, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are always looking for creative ways to bring fresh, forever favorites to the men’s underwear category. In partnership with Lenzing, we have designed a new product that offers a more sustainable and accessible option. This collection also encapsulates what is important to the brand – delivering affordable quality.”

The Fruitful Threads collection comprises three-packs of men’s underwear, featuring two popular styles: boxer briefs and trunks. Available in an array of six different colors, each pack is reasonably priced at $19.99, making sustainable fashion accessible to a wider audience.

With this launch, Fruit of the Loom is taking a significant step toward a more sustainable future, demonstrating that even everyday essentials can be produced with the environment in mind. By embracing Ecovero fibers, the company is paving the way for other fashion brands to explore eco-friendly alternatives and reduce their ecological impact.

Consumers now have the opportunity to make an environmentally conscious choice without compromising on quality or style. The Fruitful Threads collection is a testament to the power of collaboration between fashion industry leaders and the potential to revolutionize the market by prioritizing sustainability.

As the demand for eco-friendly products continues to rise, Fruit of the Loom’s partnership with Lenzing marks a positive stride in the right direction. By weaving sustainability into the fabric of their operations, both companies are setting an inspiring example for others to follow, ultimately fostering a more responsible and mindful fashion industry.

The Fruitful Threads collection is now available for purchase, inviting consumers to make a positive impact on the planet one comfortable and stylish pair of underwear at a time.



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