Futuristic In Technical Textile

Textiles are no more limited for use as apparelsclothing. With the rapid changes in the social economic structure of oursociety, textiles enhancing the quality of human life trough protection againstvarious hazards as well as adverse environment. Technical textiles are thefastest growing area of textile consumption in the world. As per the marketsurvey, it has projected an average growth rate of 4% for technical textilesduring the period 1995-2005.

In most of the developed countries, technical textiles already account for 4% of the total textile production. Even in many developing countries, the proportion is well above 10%. At present, India’s contribution in this area is negligible at about 0.2%. However, due to competition from neighboring countries ad emerging economic power, India has tremendous potential for production, consumption and export of technical textile. In the circumstances, textiles are playing major role through its diversified applications and undoubtedly, the future of this technical textiles appears to be bright. Key categories of technical textiles are medical textiles, protective textiles, agricultural textiles, geo textiles, auto motive textiles, smart textiles and industrial textiles.

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