FUZE Biotech Expands into New Headquarters, Accommodates Exponential Growth in Demand

As demand for sustainable antibacterial and fast-drying fabric and surface finishes continues to grow, FUZE Biotech, is relocating their headquarters to a larger facility in Salt Lake City.

The new headquarters and production facility – located at 1895 W. 2100 S., Salt Lake City, Utah – will allow the production of 10 times as much of their gold-powered antibacterial solution to accommodate the exponential growth in demand.

“As brands increasingly look for sustainable, high-performance solutions, we are scaling up production to meet growing demand,” said Andrew Peterson, Chief Technology Officer of FUZE Biotech. “Our new facility is state of the art and will help us better serve our expanding roster of sustainability-focused partner brands in North America and abroad.”

FUZE is widely used in a variety of markets, including bedding, footwear, apparel, hospitality, and more to keep fabrics and surfaces free from odor and disease-causing mold, bacteria, and pathogens. This expansion in production will increase availability and help drive sustainable innovation wherever it is used.

Applied as a light mist to a substantial number of materials – including textiles, hard surfaces, and even down insulation – FUZE leverages the natural antibacterial properties of gold particles to create a permanent treatment that fights odors, accelerates evaporation, and protects against UVA and UVB radiation.

About FUZE

FUZE is a permanent, chemical-free technology that can be applied to any surface or textile to prevent and protect against harmful pathogens, mold, and infectious diseases. Dedicated to sustainability, only a small amount of FUZE is applied during a patented embedding process at either the factory or the consumer level, causing no harmful effects to you or the environment. Learn more at www.fuzebiotech.com







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