Germany’s Emtec to display revamped haptic measuring tech at WoW 2023

The World of Wipes (WoW) International Conference will take place from July 17–20, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia, US. German testing equipment maker Emtec Electronic will showcase its newest innovation for evaluating the haptic qualities of wipes and digitising the data.

Human touch is notoriously inaccurate and untrustworthy. Human fingertips can only provide a generalised subjective impression of a material’s haptics, such as its softness, smoothness, and stretch, but they are unable to accurately differentiate various haptic factors. In addition, different people and cultures have different tactile preferences, sometimes in significant ways, according to a press release from Emtec Electronic.

By providing accurate and impartial measurements for distinct haptic factors, Emtec Electronic’s recently relaunched TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer surpasses the constraints of human perception. Measurements for softness, smoothness, The new TSA can now measure thermal handshakes in addition to other properties like elasticity, for instance, which are all major elements influencing consumer preference.

An important new feature of the redesign is the inclusion of a cloud-based digital haptic library, where the precise characteristics of a sample can be quickly recorded, compared, and duplicated from any location in the globe. The cloud-based haptic library thus enhances supply chain communication, quickens the development of fabrics, ensures the quality of the final product, and lowers the cost of couriers needed to transmit development samples, lowering the overall environmental impact.

The TSA also permits producers to measure the haptic qualities, take a high-resolution image of the sample with a built-in camera that clearly shows the weave pattern and structure, and then digitally capture and classify the sample in the online library. This facilitates it. for brands to communicate product specifications, compare samples, find sample matches in the database, and monitor product quality across locations, added the release.

“The improvements to the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer will allow wipe manufacturers to take the haptics of their products to the next level, all the while increasing the efficiency of the process,” said Alexander Gruener, global marketing and business development manager at Emtec.

WoW 2023 conference attendees can stop by the Emtec tabletop exhibit at the event and chat with Gruener and representatives from the partnering company Technidyne of Industrial Physics to find out more about taking haptic testing to the next level.





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