Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Embarks on OECD Alignment Assessment for Version 7.0, Reinforcing Commitment to Sustainable Supply Chains

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable and responsible business practices, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) has officially commenced the rigorous Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Alignment Assessment process for its much-anticipated version 7.0. This initiative underlines GOTS’ steadfast dedication to harmonizing its standards with international benchmarks for ethical garment and footwear supply chain due diligence.

Supported by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the three-stage OECD Alignment Assessment process exemplifies GOTS’ commitment to weaving sustainability into the fabric of its operations. The assessment involves a comprehensive evaluation, spanning a standards assessment, an implementation assessment, and a credibility assessment. As GOTS strides into the standards assessment phase, it is evident that the organization is taking a significant leap forward in upholding responsible business conduct.

GOTS’ involvement in the OECD Alignment Assessment underscores its proactive approach to addressing potential human rights and environmental risks. By proactively embracing this comprehensive due diligence framework, GOTS is pioneering a new path for the textile industry, setting a precedent for ethical decision-making that is set to shape the future.

Ruslan Alyamkin, the driving force behind standard development and implementation (social responsibility) at GOTS, emphasizes the transformative impact of the due diligence criteria. “The Due Diligence Criteria are not mere guidelines; they wield the power to effect real change. They empower companies to make informed and ethical decisions, acting as a cornerstone for building a textile industry that upholds human rights and nurtures our planet,” he passionately stated.

The alignment process, which was initiated in July 2023, is expected to conclude in January 2024. This six-month journey represents a significant stride towards GOTS’ vision of a more ethical and sustainable global textile industry.

As GOTS propels itself into this pioneering endeavor, it is not only setting an example but creating a roadmap for other industry players to follow. The implementation of the OECD Alignment Assessment reinforces GOTS’ position as a trendsetter and an agent of change, fostering a future where business and sustainability intertwine seamlessly. With version 7.0 on the horizon, the textile industry eagerly anticipates the positive ripple effect that GOTS’ alignment will bring to responsible business practices.


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