Hugo Boss Signs the Pakistan Accord to Ensure Safety of Garment Workers

Hugo Boss, the German luxury fashion brand, has signed the Pakistan Accord, highlighting its commitment to protecting the health and safety of garment workers in its supply chain. The accord is a binding agreement between companies and trade unions, ensuring that workers in the textile industry are protected from harm and can work in safe conditions.

The Pakistan Accord is an extension of Bangladesh’s 2021 International Accord for Health and Safety in the Textile and Garment Industry. The International Accord was established in 2013 after the tragic Rana Plaza building collapse. The Accord includes all key features of the International Accord and promotes workplace and building safety for an initial period of three years through independent inspections, remediation, an independent complaints mechanism, and training programmes for employees.

Yves Müller, the CFO and COO of Hugo Boss, stated that the company is committed to respecting human rights and safe working standards along its entire value chain. He added that the company takes the fair and ethical treatment of employees, suppliers, and partners worldwide very seriously and is looking forward to supporting the improvement of labour conditions in Pakistan by implementing the Pakistan Accord.

Hugo Boss had previously signed the International Accord along with 190 other garment brands and unions. With the addition of the Pakistan Accord, the company has reiterated its commitment to upholding high standards of health and safety for garment workers in its supply chain.

Pakistan is a significant supplier of textiles to the global market, and its garment and textile sector is a significant employer in the country. The implementation of the Pakistan Accord is a crucial step towards ensuring that garment workers in the country are protected from harm and work in safe conditions. The accord will help improve the country’s textile industry’s overall sustainability, and the commitment of companies like Hugo Boss to its implementation is encouraging for the industry’s future.

Together with its fellow signatories, Hugo Boss will provide funds to support the successful implementation of the accord and help uphold and improve occupational health and safety measures in Pakistan’s garment and textile sector. The Pakistan Accord is a significant milestone in the global textile industry’s sustainability journey, and the commitment of companies like Hugo Boss will pave the way for more brands to follow suit in ensuring the safety and well-being of garment workers worldwide.


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