India Positioned as an Emerging Player in Sports Textiles, Says Minister of State for Textiles & Railways

In a significant development, Darshana Vikram Jardosh, the Minister of State for Textiles & Railways, announced today that India is rapidly emerging as a key player in the field of sports textiles, with ample potential for growth in the years to come. The minister made these remarks during her address at the National Conclave on Sportech, held in New Delhi.

Themed “The Future of Sport Textiles and Accessories Industry in India,” the full-day event was organized by the Ministry of Textiles in collaboration with the Indian Technical Textiles Association (ITTA) and the Wool Research Association (WRA). The conclave witnessed several technical sessions, each shedding light on crucial aspects of the industry.

One of the key highlights of the conclave was the discussion on the market size, existing gaps, and the expectations of consumers regarding the adoption of Indian sports textiles. The session delved into the potential of various products such as coated fabrics, nets, leather and rubber goods, as well as the role of innovation and research in composites and smart textiles. Additionally, experts deliberated on the significance of design, branding, and maintaining quality standards throughout the value chain.

Minister Jardosh, in her address, emphasized the immense scope for growth in the sports textiles sector in India. She highlighted the country’s rapid strides in this domain, driven by a burgeoning sports industry and a growing interest in fitness and active lifestyles among the populace. With a diverse range of technical textiles available in the market, India is poised to become a significant global player in sports textiles.

The minister further emphasized the need for collaborative efforts between industry stakeholders, government bodies, and research institutions to harness the full potential of the sports textiles sector. She stressed the importance of constant innovation, research and development, and adopting advanced manufacturing techniques to stay competitive in the global market.

The National Conclave on Sportech served as a platform for experts, industry leaders, and policymakers to exchange ideas, share insights, and chart a roadmap for the future growth of the sports textiles industry in India. The event also provided an opportunity for networking and collaboration among various stakeholders.

As India continues to invest in infrastructure and promote sporting events at both the national and international levels, the demand for high-quality sports textiles and accessories is expected to rise significantly. With a favorable ecosystem and a proactive government, India is well-positioned to leverage its potential and establish itself as a major player in the global sports textiles market.

The conclave concluded with a renewed commitment from all stakeholders to support the growth of the sports textiles sector and make India a hub for innovation, manufacturing, and export in this promising industry.


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