India Takes a Leap Forward in the Global Technical Textiles Value Chain: Unveiling of Knowledge Paper at International Conference

The International Conference on Technical Textiles, organized by the esteemed PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI), witnessed a momentous occasion as a groundbreaking knowledge paper titled “India in Global Technical Textiles Value Chain: Growth, Opportunities, and Challenges” was unveiled. This event, held in New Delhi, brought together distinguished dignitaries and industry experts to explore the vast potential of technical textiles.
The meticulously prepared knowledge paper, authored by the TexPro-Technical Textiles team of Fibre2Fashion, offers a comprehensive overview of the global technical textiles market. It delves into the main applications, key segments, major products, and the rapidly growing Indian technical textiles market. Moreover, the paper analyzes the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for India in establishing a strong presence in the global technical textiles value chain.
The unveiling of the knowledge paper was graced by esteemed personalities from both the government and industry sectors. Rajeev Saxena, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Textiles and the Mission Coordinator of the National Technical Textiles Mission (NTTM), had the honor of inaugurating the paper. With his extensive experience and deep understanding of the textile industry, Saxena is a valuable asset in shaping the future of technical textiles in India.
Madhu Sudhan Bhageria, the Chair of PHDCCI Textiles Committee and CMD of Filatex India Ltd, emphasized the significance of technical textiles in driving innovation and growth. Recognizing their transformative potential, Bhageria stressed the need for collaborative efforts to enhance India’s position in the global market.
Accompanying them were other distinguished figures including RK Vij, Co-Chair of PHDCCI Textiles Committee; Dr. Arindham Basu, Director General of the Northern India Textile Research Association; Prof. Abhijit Majumdar from the Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering at IIT Delhi; Nandan Kumar, Managing Director at High Performance Textiles Pvt Ltd.; and Mayank Chhatwal, Secretary-Trade Fair at PHDCCI. Their collective expertise and contributions to the industry underscored the significance of the conference.
The TexPro-Technical Textiles team of Fibre2Fashion, renowned for empowering global nonwoven and technical textile businesses with data intelligence modules, played a pivotal role in crafting this insightful knowledge paper. Their expertise ensures a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the technical textiles landscape, covering areas such as raw material price trends, global tenders, patents, export-import analysis, tariff information, market sizing reports, and news articles.
The knowledge paper explores the vast potential of technical textiles, highlighting their applications in sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, defense, construction, and transportation. It emphasizes the need for research and development, innovation, and investment to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities offered by the global market.
India’s technical textiles industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years, bolstered by favorable government initiatives and an increasing demand for advanced textile solutions. The country’s prowess in textile manufacturing, combined with its skilled workforce and robust supply chain, positions India as a key player in the global technical textiles value chain.
However, the knowledge paper also highlights the challenges faced by the Indian technical textiles sector. These challenges include limited consumer awareness, the need for increased technological advancements, access to skilled labor, and the requirement for robust infrastructure and testing facilities. Overcoming these obstacles will be crucial in fully harnessing the potential of the technical textiles industry.
The unveiling of the knowledge paper at the International Conference on Technical Textiles marks a significant milestone in India’s journey towards becoming a prominent player in the global technical textiles value chain.

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