Indian market Is At A Verge of Convergence for Technical Textiles

Yogesh Garg completed his education in Textile Technology from Shri Vaishnav Polytechnic, Indore. He has been associated with Dilo Group since April, 2018. Dilo group was founded by Oskar Dilo in Eberbach in 1902. This legacy was carried forward by Oskar Dilo’s son Richard Dilo. Dilo group established various non woven technologies and applications. Dilo group is a leading supplier for machinery for staple fiber based nonwoven fabric . “Engineering for nonwovens” is the message of DILO group to the world.


Share your personal journey

I am a textile professional engineer working in the textile industry for the past 35 years. Out of which for the last 17 years I have been associated with Dilo Group directly or indirectly. Earlier, I was associated with Voltas and taking care of the Dilo products. In 2018, Dilo launched its own subsidiary which is entirely (100%) owned by Dilo Group. I have been taking care of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and some other countries.

Dilo group market share in India as well as Bangladesh

In India we have a very good market share. I cannot put it in percentage form or by numbers. It is very difficult for this type of industry. But we enjoy our unique kind of leadership in India. As far as Bangladesh is concerned, we are just starting the market in Bangladesh. We have a very good potential especially for infrastructure as far as nonwoven is concerned in the Bangladesh market. They are nonwoven. So the future here is technical textile.

What is the potential of Bangladesh for Technical Textiles ?

As of now the Geo textile market is very good in Bangladesh because of the typical geographical location of the country as well as the current import rate in the country and data what they are having. Geo- textile is a promising field in this country. Technical textile items such as interlining , filtration, performance textiles are going to grow in Bangladesh. As of now the textile economy depends on exports of garments and slowly the consumption is growing here too. There is a good scope of Non Woven and Technical Textiles in Bangladesh due to which we have participated in DTG Exhibition here. We surpassed our expectations for the DTG show. We got a good number of quality visitors in our stall.

Potential of India for Technical Textiles

Technical textiles have developed for non woven technologies quite well. We are present in almost each segment of non-woven now. India is a reliable market, due to this, there are various foreign collaborations coming up. This is a good reason for the Indian market to grow.

There are various kinds of challenges generated due to the lack of awareness and slowly the Indian market is at a verge of convergence. As of now, the percentage of the convergence of technical textile is on a lower side and the development is on the higher side. India is having a huge gap and slowly the nation is covering it. The message is very clear to the industry that we are present here in India as well as in Bangladesh and in neighboring countries. We are manufacturing in Germany and we provide German technology with high production and high quality. We wish that India and other countries’ technical textiles continue to grow. We are here to support them.

Import Duty

There are no substitutions for the high technology. The Indian market has realized this and is working on it. India is dependent on imports. As India is not producing any such machines, we have to depend on foreign nations for the export irrespective of the duty percentage. As of now Dilo group does not have any plans of setting up a manufacturing unit in India.

Start ups

Manufacturing may not be viable for this industry. Skill development is necessary and is lucrative in nature and is very important for the startups.

PLI scheme

Well, the PLI scheme is not targeted towards many of the products of the industry. They are very specific and the industry is looking towards this. There are no PLI scheme related projects who have approached us.













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