Inditex recognizes TVE ESCALE’s HYDRA machine as a sustainable solution for textile pre-treatment and washing

In a recent announcement, Spanish multinational in the textile industry, Inditex, has recognized TVE ESCALE’s HYDRA semi-continuous process machine as one of the best options for high-performance textile pre-treatment and washing. The patented process combines continuous line technology with discontinuous methodology to save water, electricity, and steam during the finishing process.

According to Inditex, HYDRA has the ability to save up to 26% in water, 17% in electricity, and 23% in steam during the entire finishing process. This is a significant achievement considering the growing concern for sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the textile industry.

HYDRA uses various washing techniques such as vacuum, submerged suction, and backwashing to achieve the best results autonomously and automatically. Despite being semi-continuous, the machine offers the same performance as continuous processes, occupying less space and with a lower initial investment.

One of the most significant advantages of HYDRA is its ability to process fabric rolls of up to 1600 mm in diameter, surpassing any discontinuous machine on the market. Compared to continuous machines, HYDRA offers greater versatility, flexibility, and resource savings.

TVE ESCALE’s innovative approach to pre-treatment and washing has garnered significant attention from industry leaders, and Inditex’s recognition is a testament to the effectiveness of their patented process. The HYDRA semi-continuous process machine is an excellent example of how technology can help the textile industry become more sustainable while maintaining high performance.

As the textile industry continues to grow, it is crucial to embrace innovative solutions that promote sustainability and eco-friendliness. TVE ESCALE’s HYDRA semi-continuous process machine is a step in the right direction and an example of how technology can drive change in the industry.


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