Introducing the revolutionary solution for modern building design – textile facades!

SolidskinTec revolutionizes the world of building design with its cutting-edge textile facades that promise to upgrade the aesthetic and functionality of any building. With its unique printing process, SolidskinTec has elevated textile facades to a whole new level, offering a lightweight, durable, and protective solution that is perfect for modern building design.

SolidskinTec’s printing process is a game-changer for the textile facade industry. It adds a protective layer to the fabric, ensuring that the printed product remains stunning for years to come. SolidskinTec has partnered with the world’s best technical textile manufacturers, including Serge Ferrari, Mehler Texnologies, Sattler, Sioen Industries, and Heytex, to provide a wide range of mesh and solid membranes that are perfect for its printing process.

SolidskinTec’s technical textiles exceed industry standards for strength, anti-bacterial resistance, and flame retardancy, making them the perfect choice for permanent facade and building envelope applications. With its unmatched warranty, customers can trust that their investment will last a lifetime.

The benefits of using SolidskinTec’s textile facades are numerous. First and foremost, they enhance the overall look of a building, adding a stylish and modern touch to the design. They are also lightweight, making them easy to install, and offer exceptional durability, making them suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Additionally, SolidskinTec’s facades are low maintenance, and their protective properties ensure that they remain looking great for years to come.

SolidskinTec’s textile facades are ideal for a variety of building applications, including commercial, residential, and institutional buildings. They offer architects and designers a wide range of design possibilities, including custom printing options, to create a truly unique and customized building design.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, SolidskinTec’s textile facades are environmentally friendly. They are made from recyclable materials and are energy efficient, helping to reduce a building’s carbon footprint.


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