Israel’s Polytex launches next-gen full cycle workwear solution

Israeli workwear management company Polytex Technologies has announced the launch of its next-generation full cycle workwear solution, Polytex Pro. With numerous design improvements based on customer feedback, it’s a simpler, faster system, with larger capacity, support for more varied garments, and many new features.

The Polytex Pro line builds on the success of legacy units, with major advances in both hardware and software that boost every performance parameter, further driving digital transformation in workwear operations, the company said in a press release.

Ultra-high-speed dispensing of clean workwear items, in six seconds, eliminates employee queues. Optimised storage capacity and variety, with smart cell configuration and a flexible dispensing mechanism, allow each unit to store up to 1,200 garments in up to 60 item variations—all with a smaller footprint.

Robotic process automation further enhances performance, with each Pro unit containing an accurate robotic mechanism that can identify and grasp a wide range of loose or packaged items.

A simplified user authentication process, 15-inch touchscreen, and flexible user identification options significantly improve the user experience. With either a swipe card or contactless tap, the user’s default garment type and colour are instantly pulled up, and the user’s account credited or debited.

The Polytex Pro line includes two dispensing unit models and four return unit models, to suit different capacity requirements and space limitations. An easily accessed, secure side-panel on each dispensing unit makes technical maintenance simple, while protecting against tampering or vandalism by unauthorised personnel.

Using Polytex Pro with the secure, cloud-based Total Care Manager: Version 8 (PM8) app for tracking and optimising workwear data, businesses can turn their garment management into a completely digital experience, added the release.

Meeting the highest international industry standards, Polytex Pro fully complies with ISO-27001 and SOC-2 security requirements and GDPR. Systems are UL and CE marked, conforming to European Union standards for health, safety, and environmental safety.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that with no-touch operations and always available clean clothes, Polytex was the way forward for hygienic workwear management,” commented Yariv Matzliach, CEO of Polytex. “Now with Polytex Pro, we’ve set a new standard, providing customers with a simpler, smaller, faster solution that saves time and provides higher performance, increased data visibility, and improved overall utility.”


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