Italian Brand Organyc Introduces World’s First Compostable Plastic Tampon Applicator

In a groundbreaking development for the menstrual care industry, Italian company Corman, in collaboration with Slovenian manufacturer Tosama, has unveiled the world’s first biodegradable and compostable plastic tampon applicator. The innovative product is set to be launched under Corman’s renowned Organyc brand, heralding a significant step towards sustainability in the field of feminine hygiene.

With the global emphasis on promoting eco-friendly practices, the introduction of a compostable tampon applicator aligns perfectly with the growing movement. Traditional plastic applicator tampons, which have been widely used for decades, contribute significantly to plastic waste accumulation, persisting in the environment for centuries. In fact, an average tampon user generates nearly a kilogramme of plastic waste each year.

To address this environmental concern, the research and development teams at Tosama and Corman embarked on an ambitious mission to find an eco-friendly alternative. Leveraging the byproducts of wheat, corn, and sugar cane, they successfully transformed these waste materials into a moldable biomass plastic. This new bioplastic enables the production of tampon applicators through high-speed injection molding, benefiting both the planet and women’s health.

Tosama, renowned as one of the world’s leading tampon manufacturers, had previously achieved the milestone of creating 100 percent certified organic cotton tampons. However, the quest for sustainability in plastic applicators posed a significant challenge. Mojca Simnic Solinc, director of Tosama, explained, “In business, it’s ideal to move fast, but when creating something totally new and so important to the earth, applying patience and partnership is the key. We’re proud that Tosama and Corman’s research and development teams are the first to commercialize this important idea.”

Corman’s Organyc brand, renowned for its commitment to organic and environmentally friendly products, will proudly introduce the new biodegradable and compostable plastic applicator tampon to the global market in the third quarter of this year. By combining sustainability and convenience, Organyc aims to revolutionize period care while reducing the ecological footprint associated with disposable menstrual products.

As consumers become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, the introduction of this compostable tampon applicator marks a significant milestone in sustainable feminine hygiene. Corman and Tosama’s joint effort serves as an inspiration to other manufacturers, encouraging them to prioritize eco-friendly innovation and take responsibility for reducing plastic waste in the industry.

With the Organyc brand leading the way, it is hoped that more companies will follow suit, driving forward the necessary change to protect our planet for future generations. The world is witnessing the dawn of a new era in menstrual careā€”one where sustainability and women’s health go hand in hand, paving the way for a brighter, more eco-conscious future.


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