Italy’s A.Celli’s solution helps Fibertex monitor production process

Italy-based machine manufacturer A.Celli has enabled Fibertex Personal Care to monitor its production processes with a view to optimising and reducing waste via a solution based on the former’s Omnia DP Process app.

Fibertex Personal Care was looking for a solution capable of tracking the entire production process, especially on winder and rewinder, in order to optimise processes and reduce waste. Since Industry 4.0 technology looks very promising for this scope, the company turned to Extreme Automation to find a way to develop a custom solution, demanding both in terms of the process to be addressed and the required software knowledge. The unique combination of Extreme Auto mation’s expertise and the know-how of A.Celli Nonwovens is meant to meet these types of requests, the company said in its case study.

The solution developed by Extreme Automation for Fibertex Personal Care is based on the Process module of the Omnia DP app suite for machine digitalisation. The main feature of this module is the monitoring of critical parameters such as material elongation or thickness, calculated by specific algorithms. This module can collect all information from the machines, cluster them to related master rolls, and correlate all with parent doffs.

On top of this, customers can track the entire production flow with relevant information such as the type of product, defect tracking, and recipes of the machines. The integration with the customer’s ERP and production line data resulted in a tailor-made solution capable of meeting all customer expectations.

The instant correlation between machine data, KPI, and their physical origin allows full control of operations from data perspective and gives Fibertex Personal Care the possibility to promptly manage any relevant changes during the production process, minimise waste material, and save time.

The possibility to store many different types of data allows a wide monitoring of critical KPIs that support statistical analysis and process optimisation, as well as speeding up the development of new products.

Furthermore, thanks to an intuitive user interface and the different types of information stored, Omnia DP became a software that can be widely spread between many company departments to ease data communication and knowledge, helping them in many tasks such as quality reporting, troubleshooting, or shop-floor machine maintenance.

“It was a pleasure to work with the Extreme Automation team in developing this highly customised solution according to our needs. The tool offers easy access to all relevant machine and process data in a fraction of a second and is now ready to assist our organisation in our journey towards reducing time and waste,” said Anders Søgaard, Fibertex personal care, operations director.




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