Italy’s Organyc brand to launch compostable plastic applicator tampon

The first-ever biodegradable and compostable plastic tampon applicator, which will soon be released by the Organyc brand, was created by Corman of Milan, Italy, and Tosama of Slovenia to meet the new ideal of sustainability, which is to “repair the world.”

For many years, plastic applicator tampons have been a staple of period care. However, the trash produced by these applicators is persistent for centuries. An average person who uses tampons for period care annually produces close to one kilogramme of plastic garbage.

The waste products of wheat, corn and sugar cane are used by the research and development teams at Tosama and Corman to create a moldable biomass plastic. A plastic tampon applicator made of this new bioplastic can be created by rapid injection moulding. Not just good for the environment, but also good for women.

“Tosama is one of the top tampon producers in the world. While producing 100% certified organic cotton tampons was accomplished many years ago, using a plastic applicator to achieve the same level of sustainability was a difficulty, according to Mojca Simnic Solinc, director of Tosama. “While it’s desirable to move quickly in business, patience and collaboration are essential when building something completely new and vital to the planet. We’re pleased that the research and development teams at Tosama and Corman were the first to bring this significant concept to market.

The novel biodegradable and compostable plastic applicator tampon will be made available for the first time under Corman’s Organyc brand. The item will be made available worldwide. in the third quarter of this year.



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