ITAMMA in association with “BK Mehta Endowment Fund” organized “B. K. Mehta Technology Networking Mission-2030”

1st session (Virtual and was open to all).

 Started with a documentary film of the luminary Shri B.K. Mehta highlighting  his yeoman services to the cause of the textile engineering industry in general and ITAMMA in particular.  

Industry experts Industry Experts-

Dr. B. Vinod, Head-Robotics and Automation Engineering  PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore informed that

  • G20 initiatives will take India from developing to developed country.
  • Drones are planned to be used as logistic -relay from Banglore to New Delhi
  • Gave information on the System mapping of a person
  • Mentioned about 60+ robotic companies in Coimbatore whereby 12 PSG Students working on these projects

Dr. Shanmugavasan, Managing Director, KOB Textiles, Coimbatore,  spoke on the need for innovation led technological developments and the current ecosystem to achieve the vision of “ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT.” He insisted upon that Innovation need to be considered in the Curriculum activity

Mr Ganesh Rajgopal , Founder of India Pvt Ltd. asked whether Digitalization subject can be involved in curriculum activity or during internship


2nd Session- (physical session for students of PSG &KCT while Virtual for students of DKTE Society’s Textile &Engg Institute in presence of Industry Experts at the venue)

Students who were shortlisted from the following colleges presented their innovative projects to the Experts panel.

 DKTE Society’s Textile & Engg Institute, Ichalkaranji


  1. DKTE Abstract 1

Project – Studies on Paper produced by sustainable fibres.

Presented by – Krishna Chandak, Shoaib Fakir ,  Ojaswini Jagtap  ,Rajvardhan Kadam


Project brief – This research represents a positive stride toward harmonizing paper requirements with nature preservation, offering eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives that contribute to global warming reduction and promote responsible resource utilization.


  1. DKTE Abstract 2

Project – Cold pad batch dyeing of cotton fabric with reactive dyes by using ultrasonic energy.

Presented by – Vivek Ravsaheb,Sakshi Patil,Pratik Bamannavar

Project brief –This project is about the need for an eco-friendlier process and dye fixation in case of every shade.


KCT- Kumaraguru College of Tech. Coimbatore


  1. KCT Abstract 1

Project –Design and Development of Air Filter to reduce emission in diesel Engine.

Presented by – Priyanka R, Dhinakar R, Mohd Kowbis H, Sharan Kirthik S.

Project brief – This project presents a novel approach to mitigating vehicular emissions and air pollution by introducing a retrofit filter solution for existing vehicles.


  1. KCT Abstract 2

Project – All weather Good Quality Clothing for troops

Presented by – Jothi Sankar. M,Jaswanth.S. D

Project brief – This project is about the need to develop clothing that is durable, flexible, lightweight and adjustable to all weather conditions.


PSG- PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

  1. PSG Abstract 1

Project – Development of Aerogel Embedded Nonwovens from Recycled Fibers for Thermal Insulation Applications

Presented by – K Shihab

Project brief – This project aims at recycling textile waste and developing aerogel from, by thefreeze-drying technique.


  1. PSG Abstract 2

Project – Development of Heating Pad Using Conductive Polymer Coating on Bamboo Fabric

Presented by – B.J. Sneha

Project brief – This project is an attempt to study the extraction process and properties of fibers extracted from bamboo plants.

3rd Session –(Virtual & Open to all).


All the experts present for the first session gave feedback to the students on how to take their projects to the next stage.

ITAMMA member organizations also participated in this session and were briefed about the projects and these experts offered their valuable insights to the students –

  • S Senthil Kumar-Past President, ITAMMA.
  • Ajay D Shah, Managing Committee member, ITAMMA.
  • Muralidharan, Managing Committee member, ITAMMA.
  • JM Balaji, Chairman-Events & Publications Subcommittee, ITAMMA.
  • A Srivardhanan, Member, ITAMMA.

Dr. Saatish Lavate, Faculty, Department of Textiles, DKTEs Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji—was also present virtually to give his inputs and suggestions.

Mr. S Senthil Kumar-Past President, ITAMMA gave useful information and guidance on the bamboo fibre project to the student.

Mr. N. D. Mhatre, Director General (Tech), ITAMMA had several informative and useful suggestions for all students present.


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