James Heal Launches TruRain, A Sustainable Textile Tester that Reduces Waste

UK-based textile testing solutions provider James Heal has launched TruRain, a sustainable textile tester that reduces water and energy consumption during testing. TruRain is equipped with a water recirculation unit that uses 99% less water during testing than traditional Bundesmann testers, reducing consumption from 2,100 litres to just 23 litres per week. In addition, the instrument saves significant energy costs over an eight-hour shift, resulting in an 83% total cost reduction.

Water repellency is an essential function of technical fabrics, especially for garments designed to protect the wearer in wet conditions. The Bundesmann test is the industry-wide method of providing artificial rainfall to determine the water repellency of different fabrics and garments, simulating the natural outdoor environment. However, traditional Bundesmann testing instruments have a high environmental impact due to heavy water usage and energy consumption, adding up to high running costs. They are also known to be difficult and messy to use, affecting productivity and the user experience.

Recognizing the opportunity to make improvements through better technology and design, James Heal focused on the day-to-day challenges of the user to develop TruRain, the next-generation Bundesmann tester. TruRain not only reduces water and energy consumption during testing but also improves productivity and the user experience. Tests can be run continuously for a week without the need to change the water, and an automated shower guard protects the operator from getting wet during testing.

Neil Pryke, James Heal MD, says that TruRain is a game-changer for sustainably-conscious brands and manufacturers looking to improve their environmental impact and optimize costs. The unique water recirculation system in TruRain is the only Bundesmann tester of its kind that reuses water during testing. This leads to significant environmental benefits and huge cost savings for customers, without affecting the accuracy and reliability of test results.

Established in Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1872, James Heal designs and manufactures textile testing instruments that are used worldwide. The brand became part of the wider PPT Group in 2014, with a number of sister brands each focusing on testing many aspects of materials and products.

TruRain is expected to attract sustainably-conscious brands and manufacturers looking to improve their environmental impact and optimize costs. With its sustainable design and significant cost savings, TruRain is a breakthrough in textile testing that will contribute to a more sustainable textile industry.



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