Kickstart Your Career in NanoTextile’s freshly launched Virtual International Internship Program (VIIP)

Much of the world has moved online, accelerating a digital transformation. NanoTextile has since given emphasis in a revitalised virtual and digitalization approaches in their operations. In 2022, NanoTextile focused on assisting and revive the retail industries with long term commitment in textile sustainability awareness through successful launches of nanotextile+ and nanotextile360° programs respectively. This year, NanoTextile launches Virtual International Internship Program (VIIP) by paying emphasis in online internships to provide a much more accessible, flexible and environmentally friendly alternative to international graduates. VIIP marks the first internship of such mode in this region that is focused on technical and textile industry’s international supply chain.

VIIP’s virtual internship’s first tier opening focuses on communication and data analysis by means of research and reporting in sustainability textile supply chain. The integration and transparency in textile making and fast fashion has become the topic heavily debated. Introducing transparency into the supply chains of the textile industry allows factories, manufacturers, and brands to take responsibility and practice openly sharing information about how, where, and by whom a textile product was made. Media communication on another hand provides content development platform to give high readership a great awareness in how consumers could partake in achieving circular economy in textile industry one day.

Students from various disciplines can apply for your internship now (at and the ideal alternative to going abroad this summer. Online internships are available year-round with part time, full time and long term options available, so it’s easy to complete your internship alongside a summer job or vacation in Malaysia. Students are encouraged to set yourself up for a successful international career from the comfort of your home whilst gaining academic credit and cross-cultural experience to boost your resume.

Here are just a few of the perks of interning with us:

1. Placement with a technological organization abroad whilst working on real projects with experienced professionals

2. Expert guidance, personalized online orientation and coaching from your supervisor, coordinator and Internship Manager

3. A remote internship guideline with precise to-do lists in providing guidance and clarity on what to expect from your internship

4. 100% customizable schedule, developed in collaboration with your faculty or school’s internship advisor and coordinator to stream line your objectives and track your achievements

5. International reference letter upon completion of your internship

If you’re unsure if international internship program is right for you, you can simply check availability to submit an enquiry which will help us to point you in the right direction. If you want to drop an inquiry email, you can also find our full contact information at our website, or directly to Apply to VIIP now to gain global work experience!





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